Georgia, outbound to Italy

Every morning I wake up around 7:15, I get ready for school, brush my teeth, and eat breakfast with my host sister. We (try to) leave the house around 7:50 and get to school around 8:10. School is usually 5 hours with one 6-hour day, I say usually because if a teacher is absent or there is an assembly at school we get to leave early!

Italian school is very different from American school. My classmates have been together since their first year of high school and are now in their fifth year so they are all very close. They are very sweet and funny but the boys in my class are very loud and crazy haha. Everyone tries to include me as much as they can and I become very popular during English class!

Half way through the day we have a break where we can buy a piece of pizza, a sandwich, anything like that.

After school my host sister drives us home where we eat a big lunch my host mother makes for us. Then I usually take a nap and go to the gym or just take a nap, haha. Later I sometimes grab an espresso with friends or hangout in the Local Square or “piazza”.

For some reason I assumed learning the language while I’m in Italy would be easy, I am not sure why I thought this because it is very hard! I have gotten better but I definitely am regretting not studying every second I had free time back in Florida!! The days when I get frustrated with myself for not knowing the language better are the days I do miss home a little more, and then I remind myself that I don’t have time to miss home because I am only in Italy for 10 more months, which seems so short.

The people in my life back in Florida will always be there when I return in 10 months, but I may never see some of the friends I have made here in Italy again. (Wow this is a sad and scary thought.) Anyway, I am loving Italy and can never thank Rotary or anyone who helped me get here enough for this amazing experience. It is so much harder than it looks but it is also so worth it and amazing being here.

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