Grettel, outbound to Japan

こんにちは!I honestly can’t believe I've been in Japan for more than a month already! Time is flying way too fast. I’ve adjust really well I think, nothing really feels that shockingly different, and I’m having a really awesome time.

I am a horrible procrastinator, so you bet I was packing and rushing to get things together the day and night before leaving (I didn’t sleep at all the night before leaving). Once I had my mess together my family and I drove up to Tampa international in the wee hours of the early morning. I got there in a rush just to find out I had just missed the scheduled check in time (internal screaming!).

I’m embarrassed to admit I broke down crying because of the stress, which was just emphasized when my luggage was overweight and I had to take things out! My flight was moved around and they changed my first flight to Newark instead of whenever else the one I was supposed to take was going (I’ve forgotten by now). I cried most of the way to the terminal especially since I couldn’t go in with my grandma and had to leave her early. I made it to my plane just in time and sniffled like a baby on the flight to Newark.

Lesson learned though, get to your flight super extra early to avoid tears and panic!

I got to see the Statue of Liberty as we descended into Newark! My flight to Japan was 14 hours of sleeping punctuated by occasional bland airplane food. I made sure to guzzle down like 5 bottles of water though and move my feet around a lot, to avoid dehydration and leg problems.

When I got to Narita Airport and got through customs, I stuck in my headphones, played an action movie soundtrack and began my mission to make it to the showers get out of my sweaty 14-hour-flight clothes. I had researched the showers beforehand and I was VERY excited to wash off the grossness of the long flight.

After a trek back and forth though the airport I finally broke down and asked an airport worker where the showers where. I’m eternally grateful for learning how to ask where things are in Japanese before leaving. The showers were SUPER nice! It actually felt like a mini hotel to be honest! And because I was on an international flight they were half off! Making it only about $4 for a delicious and refreshing 30 minute shower. They even had hairdryers! Once I had gotten dressed in my arrival outfit, thrown on some makeup and fixed my hair, I was ready for action.

I arrived in Kanazawa pretty late and all I remember is that there was a きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ concert on TV that night and I was like… yes.

I’ll send another journal in a bit about Kanazawa and more! またね~

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