Hayden, outbound to Taiwan

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I am now halfway into my first two months in Taiwan and I want to tell everyone about every feeling, every breath, and everything I have seen but if I did I could go on for weeks. Since I have been here I have been incredibly busy all the time, even now I am sitting in a 7/11 eating my lunch as I wait for the bus. Rotary tells us to say yes to everything and you might think that would become troublesome and annoying after a while but it has been the complete oppsite for me. I have said yes to every opportunity that I can, last week I even agreeded to dance in a school compentiton even though I have never danced for more than a minuet in my life. Another time when I said yes that suprised my family in Floroda was when I got my haircut. I have always liked longer hair and would hate to get it cut and my family definitely did not like it but the first week I was in Taiwan I cut off almost 3 inches. There is one thing that I have noticed to hold true for most Asian countries is that the food is extremely different than Western food. There are many things here that Westerners would think is appaling or just odd like; chicken's feet or head, dried squid tentacles, or stinky tofu to name a few. I have also noticed that my host family will not tell me what something is before I try it because they know it will affect how much I like it. One of my current favorite foods is black tofu but it is actually cubes of spicy duck blood. I know that if my host family had told me what it was before I had it I would not have liked it.

Many people in Florida told me that many people in Taiwan are more quiet and reserved especially around foreigners but since I have been here everyone is always welcoming, happy, and energetic. My classmates the first day had not expected me to know any Chinese so when I would say something they would get very excited and have me repeat it for their friends and the teachers. In my class we have a system where if I don't know something in chinese they will tell me and I will help explain harder words and help them pronounce the words. This month, October, has been the busiest month so far because I am preparing games and activities for Halloween. Everyone here knows of Halloween but it is a very minor holiday but they know that it is very big in America. They wanted me to show them what a typical Halloween would be like for me in America. It has been extremely hard trying to find decorations, candy, and costumes here because as I said it is a small holiday. All in all I am extremely excited for what the rest of this month and the rest of my exchange will have in store for me. I can see my bus now so I need to end my journal here.