Hannah, Outbound to Japan

Yo, it's been a while since I've last said anything. I'm already at my half way point and the amount I've changed as a person here is so crazy to me. I like looking back at how I was when I first came here and thinking how absolutely lost I was and how accustomed I've become to being here. Right now it's winter and it's absolutely brutal. Winter is no joke. It's absolutely freezing and has been snowing nonstop for the past 2 months, something I've never even experienced besides having a flight delayed on a trip in New York due to a blizzard (I'm having a snow day in right now because school got cancelled). I wouldn't say I'm feeling homesick......I just miss one thing...you know...warmth lol. It's harsh and I will never take not having snow in Florida for granted ever again T_T. But besides snow, I've having a great time here. It really finally hit me now being here 5 months that this is my time here. My own exchange and the most important thing is to do what will make me happy and make my time here the absolute best it can be. I really realized I have control over how it goes, although there's other factors it really is up to me. Life here is really nice overall. I love school, it's the highlight every week. Even if I have to wake up still at ungodly hours and zombie my way through with every one else, my friends here make it worth it everyday. The smallest things like walking home together - or to the bus stop, make my day. I love them bunches :). Friends aside, being alone is also an amazing thing about being abroad. I have so much freedom when I go out alone and can go anywhere I'd like to with just public transportation that isn't Uber. It's sooo wonderful and it makes me happy knowing I have that ability here. Even though I'm always thinking about the future, I should take time to enjoy the present. My time here is so valuable to me. I've already maxed out completely all the space I have with how much stuff I accumulate here, it's no joke. Be prepared or you'll end up like me having to use extra shopping bags to pack away things as a suitcase when moving host houses. But nothing will be left behind, every item I get here is so precious to me because it came from my exchange. Being here already 5 months was not easy always. There have definitely been hard stressful times and not everyone will understand because they are not in your position. You really learn a lot about yourself during these times, even the smallest things. You do tons of self discovery here. And it's important for that, to venture out on your own and just get to know yourself as a person. Sound sooooo serious but it's true I wouldn't have thought I'd say these things when I got here but you become so different and grow T-T. Anyway, I'm super excited for spring in Japan because God knows I'll take up my entire phone storage with photos of cherry blossom season :D.

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