Hannah, outbound to Lithuania

Wow. It's been awhile. Sorry about that. Life got crazy here in Lithuania. These past 7 months (yes, I have been here for 7 months) have been a crazy roller coaster of holidays, trips, and emotions. Only 3 more months to absorb everything I possibly can before I return home. But I don't want to think about that yet. Way too soon for that.

Life here in Lithuania has finally become normal. I feel apart of the culture and life here. I know what to do in certain situations now. For example, we do not shake hands and greet one another over a door way. It's bad luck. I know how to get around with public transportations. Actually I use an app to help me but that's okay, every one uses it too. I can order my daily dose of caffeine in Lithuanian without getting flustered or resorting back to English. I now can tell the temperature in Celsius than in Fahrenheit. But, unfortunately, I still can't get my head around the 24 hour clock. And I still don't like herring no matter how many times I try it. So those I still have to work on.

I am currently living with my 3rd host family. They are amazing people! It has that crazy (in a good way) family vibe which is what it's like in my family back in FL so it's very comforting. I live in a small village outside of the city so I take a 40 minute bus ride to the city everyday. But if I'm really lucky, my host mom or host dad will drive me on there way to work. We hike in the forest behind our house every weekend. I have two host sisters (16 and 12 years old) and we have sister movie night at least once a week. I am so happy I get to spend these next 3 months with this family.

School is going really well too. I get to teach English lessons a couple times a week and I also have private Lithuanian lessons with one of the best teachers at the school. My school also offered me to become a free listener at a local university. So everyday after lessons I go to VDU and take linguistic and political science lectures. I get to meet international students and become friends with some of the coolest people.

These next 3 months are going to go by so fast, I can already tell. Some of the best adventures I'm going to go on are just around the corner!

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