Hannah, Outbound to Thailand

This is my first blog. I have been in Thailand for a almost 3 month I am really enjoying it here. They drive very small cars and they drive a lot differently then in the USA the roads are narrower and they drive very fast and they also are a lot more aggressive in how they drive and will just pull in front of someone and not care how close they are and the will also go around people even on narrow roads and they will nearly hit people and other cars. I’m not super good at Thai yet. My host sister is leaving for Taiwan with Rotary as well I also have a host brother (he also went to Taiwan last year with Rotary).We went to have noddles and boba tea with my host mom and sister. Super good Thai tea much better then in the USA. We also got donuts and went to 7/11. The first night I barely slept but I was really tired half way through the next day.We went to get me a school uniform. At gas stations people pump the gas for you. We took the new subway in China town. It was super cool and nice. Jet lag was really getting to me so the next day I did a lot of sleeping. We went to Korean barbecue and we got ice cream which was super good. We stayed out pretty late much later then I would in the USA. The next day we went to see my school and it was really nice. We where going to take the bus home from my school but that bus doesn’t run on Sundays so my host dad took us to the mall. I also went with my host brother and sister to the mall where we played games and then my host brother had to go tutor a kid in English and I got to help. It was fun we where in a cafe where we got green tea with honey and jelly the drink was good except for the jelly. The student we where helping was not very good at English but he is working on it. It was fun. I am still working on my Thai but my family is helping a lot and I really enjoy them. They are teaching me Thai by making me say it in Thai then telling me what it means in English. It is helping so far. Also my host family doesn’t seem to have a problem with me drinking or eating after them or them drinking or eating after me. Which is fine but it’s different for my then USA. My host brother had to go to university for something and then it was only me and my host sister. Thai food is very spicy not all of it but a lot of it is. We went to a Texas chicken which I found interesting that it made it to Thailand. We did I bus karaoke it was super fun I didn’t sing because they only had Thai song but it was still fun. We also took the sky train home it was pretty cool. The sky train is very nice. They also have Ikea here which I thought was cool. I had a really fun day with my host siblings they are great.I will really miss my host sister when she leaves for Taiwan. But It is cool I am only with this family until December 1st. I have my inbound orientation on September 1st. I had to get up super early to go meet my teachers. We where early so we had to wait the school was nice from the parts I saw. It was a little nerve racking just sitting there and having people stare at me but then was ok. School starts at 7:03 ends at 3:00 and it is 5 days a week but I will only be in school a week or so before it gets out for a little over a month. My host dad had to go do something while we where there and left me alone sitting by myself and it was very uncomfortable but I will just deal with it. When I went to visit my school one of the other exchange students from Japan did her introduction speech. I also met an exchange student from Italy with AFS(another organization). She was super nice and we have a lot of classes together. The English teacher at my school is from Hawaii and he is super nice.At school the classes I have Japanese, Chinese, English, math, Thai cooking, and a few others. Normally the students stay in one class but me and the other exchange students change classes. And our schedule changes each day. I had to go with my host dad to Thai imitation because we had to register me for something. We had to drop my host mom off at the airport she went to India for 3 months. Almost every night we go out to dinner which was new to me and I am having to get use to.I am about to get out of school for a month and a half. During that time my district has set up Thai classes for the inbounds and we have RYLA. I have attend two Rotary meetings and it was super fun. At the first meeting we had to introduce ourselves which was very nerve racking it it was still fun then we had an auction and my host dad got me a minion cup and we did karaoke after. I have been making so many new friends Thai people are so nice and they love to come and talk to me. My and the other exchange students in my club went bike riding around this really cool park and it was so much fun. Then we walked around and took photos. We ate lunch at the park the walked to the weekend market it was so cool there! There where a lot of cool things to see and they had really good food. So far I am having an amazing time in Thailand! I was on break from school for a month and a half and I didn’t do much during that time I was home a lot which was ok because I got to know my host family better and got a break from all the stress of being an exchange student. I got to go to the beach with my 3rd host family and another exchange student we and so much fun! I also had language camp every Sunday during my break and it was super fun getting to see the other exchange students and learn Thai. So far exchange has made me more outgoing and much more confident in my self I have had problems but I have been able to handle them on my own which gives me a lot of confidences. I did get very sick and had to stay in the hospital for a little while but I was able to deal with it and I am much better now. I just started school back and I am loving it. I get to see my Thai friends and my friends who are also exchange students at my school. I really love Thailand so far and it will only get better the more I learn.

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