Hannah, Outbound to Thailand

So I have been in Thailand for almost 5 months now and I can say I love living here more and more everyday. I still live with my first host family and I love them so much they are my second family now. I also have made a lot more Thai friends now since I am getting better at the language. I am still not super amazing at Thai but I am practicing and getting better. Since my last journal we had the holidays. And I know a lot of exchange students feel sad during the holidays but I didn’t feel sad. My host family tried to keep me busy and my host district planed thing so all the exchange students could see each other. We had a speech contest and did secret Santa which was so much fun. Then a bunch of us went to a Brazilian restaurant our Brazilian friends wanted to try it was super good and so much fun. But I did have to take the bus home alone later and it was really far and it was my first time doing it alone and I got kinda lost but I called my host brother and he helped me. And I finally got home. My host dad and brother also took me to an aquarium and it was so cool. I had so much fun. Then we went to a water buffalo sanctuary and I got to see a lot of water buffalo. My host brother is in university and he only comes home on the weekends but he was off for break so he was home a lot. During the first part of my exchange we where not that close but we got a lot closer during break and I am glad. A bit of advice try to get close with your host siblings. When I wasn’t close with my hair brother we didn’t hang out or really talk and it was really awkward to be around him but now I love hanging out with him and he invites me to do things and it helps me get out of the house and do more things. I have also done some events with my Rotary club we had a car scavenger hunt. We went to Kkhao Yai Which is like a 3 hour drive from where I live but it took almost 6 hours because we kept stopping for the scavenger hunt. We stayed in a nice hotel and it was pretty fun. On they way back we went up a mountain and went to a really pretty water fall it was a long way down stairs to get to the waterfall and we didn’t think it threw very well and we almost didn’t make it back up. It was really funny. We had a lot of fun. In school we had sports day which is a big event in Thailand at all schools. They have a parade which I was a part of I got to dress up in traditional Thai clothing and walk with everyone. And they have sports and games and it’s just a fun day. I had so much fun at sports day it was a really long day though I had to go to school at 5 so I had to get up at 4:30ish. I was so tired at the end of the day. We also had to do another country fair for the future exchange students who are from Thailand in our district it was pretty fun. We will also do one more in a couple of days for about 200 Thai students to come and see. It’s a lot of work but I love hanging out with the other exchange students we always have fun. For Chinese New Year I went to a mall called central world in Bangkok and went to a food festival it was amazing so much amazing food and I went with my Italian friend Elena. Then I went with my host brother to another mall so he could study he didn’t really study we just hung out with his friend and then went to eat ice cream. It was so much fun. Some advice I have for exchange students is learn the language it really helps you get more freedom to do things because your host family isn’t worried you can’t communicate and also make friends. It’s easier to learn the language with friends you feel more comfortable then with a teacher and they are with you a lot more that one class once a week or something they can really help and they can invite you to hang out so you can see more places and have fun. I love my exchange student friends but it is very different from my Thai friends and I live my Thai friends a lot they make the school day easier and they make the language easier.

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