Hayden, outbound to Taiwan

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have now been in Taiwan for more than half a year and in retrospect a half of a year is only a small fraction of my life but I am certain that this year has been one if not the most influential few months of my whole life and life to come. Now that I have been here so long nothing is exotic anymore. I live my every day life normally, but just because nothing is exotic that does not mean my love for it has been lost or I am tired of being here. Some days I do take for granted, but every night that I lay down in my bed I remember that I will not be here forever and that I need to cherish every moment I have here. My time in Taiwan is dwindling with every day that goes by and I know that I will have to return to Florida and fall back into my daily life as I have here. However, while I am in Taiwan I will make sure that I live every day to its fullest and will leave an impression in Taiwan and I hope I will leave with the people I love sending me off, just as my family in Florida sent me off to Taiwan. 

March was a somewhat uneventful month except for the few Rotary meetings and activities, but everyone both in Rotary and in my school, ZhongHe Senior High school, are preparing for our two biggest trips. My Rotary district will take us on a trip to a small island off the coast of Taiwan. My class in ZhongHe will take a bus to an amusement park on the other end of the country and we will also visit one of the most famous beaches. I have to say truthfully I am more excited for my class trip. This is because with the other exchange students I did not have to work hard to befriend them because we all spoke English and connected over being in a foreign country, but with my Taiwanese friends I had to work much harder to befriend them so because of that we have a closer and stronger bond.