Hayden, outbound to Taiwan

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My first month in Taiwan has been without a doubt the best, busiest, most awe-inspiring month of my life. As soon as I stepped off the plane and into the place that I would soon call home I was met with love and hospitality. Taiwanese people pride themselves as being one of the most hospitable countries in the world. I was the last student from my club ti arrive in Taiwan but that was no problem. It also meant that I had three days until my first day of school. The first three days flew by so quickly, everyday I would wake up early and go out with my sister and brother. As I went to bed before the first day of school I remember being terrified. I was so afarid that no one would talk to me and I would be outcasted. The day of course went much different. I first arrived at my class and our English teacher said a few words to me then asked of I would introduce myself, so I said the introduction that I had memorized in Chinese and everyone in the class br oke out in to cheers and applause. The English teacher later told me that they didn't expect me to speak any Chinese. After that day everything was very smooth. I started to develop a somewhat normal routine: leaving for school at 7:00 and getting home at around 6:30-7:00 depending on the day. I have done more in Taiwan in a month than I have in three months in America. Since I have been here I have only woken up past 7:30 on two occasiaons. Every day other than that I am always doing someting with either my family, my host club, or studying. Thinking about what I was going to do in Taiwan I would have never guessed what my life is like now. My school is from 7:30-5:00 but most days I will stay after school and learn dances from my classmates. We will be presenting these dances to the rest of our grade in a couple weeks! Taiwan so far has been an amazing and eye opening experience that I wish I could share with everyone. One day I hope that RYE can provide the same amazing oppo rtunity to another student like me