District Pages

Dear District Chair or Country Coordinator

You only have editing options on your page. The goal is to give you the option to update your calendar, contact information etc, without having to contact the site's webmaster for small changes.

It is important that we display all content in a uniform way, please refrain from "going wild" with images and layout on your page.

With your access, you also have access to the Image Directory - shared by everyone. It is important that follow the guidelines how to use it.

We have access to lots of disk space - but it's still limited. Make sure to follow the guidelines how to resize images before you upload them to the server.

If you have any questions, please email the webmaster:
Catrine Fredrikson

Personal RYE email accounts

Multi-district officers, staff, and district chairs may request a xxx@ryeflorida.org email address - please contact Catrine@ryeflorida.org.

Once an email is created, an email will be sent from the system with a temporary password.

The RYE email should only be used for RYE business, and not for personal communication.

Other volunteers are welcome to create their own email address (e.g. a Gmail address) and dedicate it to the RYE program communications.

To access your email

Go to https://mail.google.com (you might have to log out of your current Google account), and log in with the password sent to you.

The first time you log in, you will be asked to change the password. 

About District Specific Email addresses

Each district has an email address in the format 1234@ryeflorida.org (whatever your number is).

There are a few documents that will come to this email address:

1. Journals from OB students are copied to this address ( if they are from your district) as well as to the person updating journals online
 2. Quarterly reports are copied to this address (as well as to our compliance officer)
 3. OB bios are copied to this address (as well as to Catrine Fredrikson who creates their page on the website)
 4. When someone fills out the General Inquiry Form on our website, IF they say it’s regarding YOUR district, an email will go to this address (and ONLY this address, so you better take action!) [If they check “No specific district applies to my question” the question will go to multi district Chairman].
 5. When an IB student fills out the “Inbound Travel “ form on our website, an email will go to this address if they are from your district (and ONLY this address, so you better take action!)

To access your email,
go to https://mail.google.com (you might have to log out of your current account), and log in with 1234@ryeflorida.org. If you don't know the email - check with your past chair or contact catrine@ryeflorida.org.

The first time you log in, you will be asked to change the password. If you don’t remember your password, and resetting it doesn’t work, you need to contact the multi-district chair.

You have 3 options to handle the district specific email address:
 1. Set up this email account with your current email(s) as an incoming account on your computer or phone. (Recommended.)
 2. Log in and then forward to the email address you are using the most.
 3. Log in to this account under gmail.com every time you want to check your emails (not recommended).

About Quarterly Reports

All outbound and inbound students are required to complete and submit this form on:

  • October 15
  • January 15
  • April 15

    to provide RYE-Florida a record of the exchange – this is a RI requirement.

The YEAH system is lacking a form for Quarterly Reports. I have created a form for student to fill out, and a copy is sent by email to the District Chair and Country Coordinator.

Outbound Quarterly Reports are to be uploaded into YEAH Country Coordiantors
Inbound Quarterly Reports are to be uploaded into YEAH District Chairs

  1. Open the Email with a students report
  2. Depending on your computer setup
  • Option 1: “Save As” > PDF format
  • Option 2: Print to PDF file
  • Option 3: Print > Scan

        3. Upload the PDF (copy of the email) to YEAH.

The forms can be found on the website at
Forms>Outbound Forms>Quarterly Forms : http://www.ryeflorida.org/quarterly-report-form
Forms>Inbound Forms>Quarterly Forms: http://www.ryeflorida.org/inbound-students-quarterly-report-form

Questions? contact Catrine@ryeflorida.org

Getting Started doing updates/changes on your Districts page

View the Introduction video first.

  • You can log in from the login box at the bottom of  "your" page.
  • You have full editing access to your page - and you can actually do more than the Webmaster wants you to do. Please don't "poke around". (There is an option for more limited editing access, but we hope that everyone can follow these guidelines to give our chairs more options on their pages.)
  • You only have access to "your" page(s) - so you will not see any editing functions on any other pages.
  • Do NOT add any other blocks than "Text", "Image", "Files and Links" or "Form".
  • Do NOT add any additional pages - please contact Webmaster.
  • Do NOT change any page setting - please contact Webmaster.

Help pages:

What you need to know about IMAGES

Images in a Text Box

  • Images that are imbedded in a text box have to first be imported to the image directory.
  • Since all Chairs has access to this, we ask you to pay attention and follow our guidelines and directions.
  • Any images you place in the image directory MUST BE PLACED IN YOUR DISTRICT/COUNTRY sub-folder.
  • Make sure to resize the image before you place it in your image sub-directory. Images should never, ever be larger than ~600kb. If you don't know how to resize an image, please don't use it.
  • All student images are to be 240x300px (72dpi) and all volunteer images are to be 120x150px.

Images in an Image Box

  • It's highly recommended that if you are using the slide show setting, that all images has the same dimensions (620x383px for the large element and 230x142 for the small side element) or the content on the page will be jumping below the slideshow. It is best to use the gallery setting.
  • IMPORTANT: You MUST resize your images before you drop them into the Image Box. Images should never, ever be larger than ~600kb. If you don't know how to resize an image, please don't use it.

How to resize an image

  • There is a built in function to resize images if you are using them in a text box - see video on this page.
  • OR: do a web search for help "How to Resize an Image" - you need some kind of software to do this, such as Photoshop, MS Paint, Picasa etc.

RYE Logo Downloads

Find the logo you wish to download below and click on the corresponding link beneath the image for the file type you need.

  1. Click on link under an image
  2. Image will open up
  3. Right click image and “Save image as”

If you need a different file format, please use the Dropbox folder designated for RYE Logos. There you will find the corresponding files including jpg, png, pdf, ai, and eps.

CLICK HERE to access the Dropbox with the differing file formats.

All members should have received an invite to this Dropbox folder. If you need further assistance, please contact the webmaster.

New Rotary Branding