Host Club Agreement in District 6970

Dear Clubs,

Rotary Youth Exchange’s mission is to bring the world one step closer to peace, one student at a time. We do so by sponsoring and hosting exchange students. The cost pales in comparison to the rewards, both to the student and the host family and the commitment is minimal compared to the benefits you and your club will gain.

In coordination with DGE Mike Darragh and the Youth Exchange Committee, we are asking for your pledge to Be The Inspiration to our future leaders by agreeing to host an inbound Rotary Youth Exchange student for the 2019-2020 school year. There is a direct correlation between the number of inbound students we accept and the number of outbound students we are able to send from District 6970. The more inbound students we host, the more outbound scholarships we can offer to our students wanting to better the world through peace and understanding. The monetary value of an outbound exchange scholarship is calculated to be worth at least $24,000 USD. We know the true value in terms of life experience is priceless, so we are asking for participation from as many clubs as possible to ensure we provide plenty of these opportunities to the youth of District 6970.  We have also requested each outbound applicant to identify three host families in their respective communities to assist with hosting an inbound student.

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