Hutch, outbound to Italy

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Well, on the 10th of March will be my 6th month here. Time is really starting to exponentially accelerate lately, giving me anxiety if I can do all that I want to accomplish in time :), but I'll find a way. These past couple of months I have concentrated on understanding my family better and working with them to build a better relationship between us. Through these trials, I have noticed how much easier it is to communicate with a person when you just tell them how you feel. This of course may seem to be the most obvious choice in hindsight or from the outside observer, but during a moment of discussion of emotion, the idea to tell them how I actually feel never came to me. instead changing subject or clamming up was what I typically chose. And now I change subject, I recently had a chapter in History class on Political Philosophers such as Rousseau and Locke and I'm glad I paid attention in those lectures, as I thoroughly enjoyed learning a bout their works, and I plan to read more about them. Also, we had an interrogation, which is like an oral test in Italian school, in English class, which means for me that I have to do it in Italian, as the rest of the class does it in English, which they have studied for 4 years now. The selected people had to summarize the plot of Robinson Crusoe, and talk about the author a little bit. Out of the 7 people that had to do it, I did the best out of all of them, in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and subject knowledge. That was a good day, to come from where I started to there, a nice benchmark to measure myself. Also my pasta is getting good man