JC, Outbound to Italy

Once again this journal is extremely overdue so I apologize for that but I'm excited to catch you all up on what's been happening on my exchange.

I’ll begin with when I switched host families for the first time all the way back in January. I was really excited to experience another perspective of the city of Milan and to get to know my new host family, and I’m glad to say both of those things were accomplished. The move went smoothly as my second family is only a five minute walk away from my first, which was very convenient, because I could also take the same bus to and from school with the same friends I had taken it with before, further growing our friendship.

In the first few weeks I was with my second family we took a weekend vacation to the Alps and there was a lot of snow where we were staying. I also went to Padova, Italy with my host mom and brother for a weekend so that I could take the SAT, and to Venice with my Rotary district for a day trip.

During my time with my second family the friendships I made really grew massive amounts. I spent my time playing basketball and studying physics with my Italian friends and hanging out with other exchange students more and more.

Towards the end of my time with my second family my Mom and Stepmom visited me in Italy for one week and it was honestly relieving to have my Mom with me again. It felt like I could take a break for a little bit and trust my issues with her. I also showed them around the City and they took a trip to Venice that I didn’t get the chance to go to since I had a physics test.

After they left it was time for me to switch to my third host family, at the time I thought it would be my last family but I later learned I would switch one more final time. When I was living with my third family is when I grew the most as an individual for sure. Shortly after I moved families the other exchange students from my district and one other district toured southern Italy for six days. During this trip I became way closer to three very important people, Olivia, Rachel and Sophie. These three girls have become some of my best friends and I’m so sad we didn’t become so close until the end. They live in a town called Lecco which is about 40 minutes by train on Lake Como. In the next month after the trip I visited Lecco a ton of times and they came to Milan a few times as well.

By June it was time for school to end and I was ready for it too. The last week of school I didn’t have much to do but it was still nice to spend time with my classmates. After school ended I had to pack up all my things to bring them to my next family before eurotour started. In the next Journal I’ll talk about that.

Okay, thanks for reading,


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