Joe, outbound to Korea

Wowo okay here we are a few days late past the submittal date but its fine kids its fine... Alrighty then, It has been yet another month since my last journal and I'm back again on the block with more info for all you crazy kids.

So one very major event that has occured here in the 조 family home, is that we got a dog! Yes, we have finally claimed a furry beast to call our own. Her name is Mimi (I call her Meme) and she is a maltese puppy! When we got her she was only a week or two old, and was very very tiny. She has since grown a bit, but is still just a little ball of fluffy energy. So far she's gotten really attached to my host brother, and he to her. It's all pretty cute over all.

Another neat thing that happened is I visited Incheon! I stayed with a friend of my Host Mom's over the weekend and just sort of visited around. My first day was spent mostly at their house with some shopping and such as well. On Saturday I went to Chinatown and journeyed around there for a bit with a friend of the woman I was staying with. Chinatown was pretty rad yo. The various displays of art and statues were quite impressive and I loved the sort of temple covered mountain type area at the center. On Sunday the family I was staying at took me to visit their church, and after that I headed back to my home here in Songtan.

Upon what I recall being the following weekend, my host mother, a few members from the Rotary club, one of their sons, and I, all went to the DMZ. We visited there for a bit, had some good food, and even participated in a festival that was going on at the time! After we finished up with our tour there, we drove over to the local "English Village". This was something that can only really be described as being like some sort of disneyfied combination of an American colonial village, an English country town, and a non-nondescript European castle. It was a rather surreal experience to be there as it was a sort of foreigner's take on western(specifically english) culture. After wandering the streets of English Village for a bit, we headed over to one of the buildings there and ended up working as volunteers with a large group of individuals in this sort of festivity, the reason for which I don't particularly recall(whoops). Either way, it was a good time and I ended up getting a free pink volunteer shirt out of it yehaw. B-)

The next day of that same weekend, I ended up participating in the Pyeongtaek Marathon! We had to get up at a rather early time of 6am(ish) much to the upset of me and my host brother, but nonetheless we got up and got to the place on time. The event itself was pretty nice, a good 10k run with cars as the winner's prizes (I did not win). Every time I slowed down to walk for rest, I would often have my fellow participants greet me with words of encouragement to keep going, it was quite an inspiring thing and kept me running a bit more than I might've otherwise been willing to. In the end I ended up running alongside a fellow American who I found running along, and we crossed the finish line together as a symbol of American freedom and independence and such yehaw B-)

One final thing to mention tho, I think about a week or two ago, I went to Everland! It was a school trip, specifically for schools in Pyeongtaek, and as such I went with my school homies B-). Due to the event being open to so many students tho, the park was extremely packed, with waits upward of an hour or two on some rides. Needless to say, me and my friends didn't get to go on too many rides, but we still had a good time over all, especially with the haunted house they had there.

And yeah I guess that about raps up what I've been up to event-wise. I'm not sure if I have any advice or anything for any of you crazy Koreabound kids who may or may not be reading this, but either way, dank memes to all of you my friends. B-)

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