Joe, outbound to Korea

Hey there kiddies! So as of this moment I just heard that them there new outbounds just had their orientation, so if you're reading this and all, AYYYYYYE what's up buddo. Of course you can't respond but I guess it was a retorical greeting. Though is what's up ever really not rhetorical? I guess it is sometimes not rhetorical but whatever I guess it doesn't matter buddo. Anyway I'M BACK BUDD back with amazing stories for my beloved parental units, and tiny bits of advice for you discerning RYE outbounds yo yo yo. Anyway kids here we go.

So since I last typed here, something interesting happened, not really much to write about, but the dog got a haircut! She looks ridiculous. Pic below. Anyway, one thing that happened is I went to a local museum built out of an old school. There was a lot of stuff in there, from historical things to recent art projects. Just kinda a culture/korea museum? All around p interesting I'd say. Also I went skiing! I went with my host cousin, her brother, his girlfriend, his friend, and my host brother. It was nice because I got to use my korean more than I normally do and also because it was the first time I've actually gotten the chance to ski since the last mass extinction! So good times all around kiddies.

As of late I've found myself sort of adopted temporarily by my host uncle/aunt's family. Ya see, I was told I would only be shipped over here for about a week to get to know everyone and have a good time, but due to weird complications with the date of arrival, the date of departure was left undecided, and eventually I (a person who only packed for a week) ended up with a departure date after about a month of staying here. Note: I don't actually mind, the family here is really sweet and great, I'm just missing a few supplies.

Anyway, the home I've found myself in is in Boryeong-si, Sinheug-dong. It's RIGHT on the sea (like, I can see the ocean from the window in the family apartment) and my host fam here actually owns a seafood restaurant down the hill from the apartment, where I get most of my meals. It's a really cool environment here because unlike my host family's house in Songtan, almost no one speaks any english, so I've been forced to use Korean a lot more, which has made me realize how much I know, taught me a lot, and has alleviated a lot of my stresses about language learning since I feel like I'm making actual major progress in learning now! Whilst here I've done some learning of Korean drums, painting, AND I got to visit the Gyeongijeon Hall in Jeonju WHILST wearing a hanbok. Good times kids.

So I guess now I'll just talk a little bit about advice and stuff regarding the country so here we go. In case you're wondering - no, you won't have to eat any dog. The stuff's rare and p much all Koreans are super understanding that it freaks out foreigners. You may have to eat intestines, larvae, lung, and a few other things tho (don't worry, the intestines are like some of the best food in all of korea imo). Korean Rotary is SUPER hands off so you'll probably not be dragged along by Rotary to too many events? Just kinda do your thing and enjoy what ya can budd. Also, in case no one else tells u, a T-Money card is your ticket to getting around here in Korea budd. It's just a bus/train pass that you can put money on. Good times. Another thing, if you really want to go to an Aquarium, but don't feel like paying an entrance fee, just go to a fish market here. Good times.

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