Joe, outbound to Korea

Alright yo yo yo what's my my friendos, I'm back once again with more of these hot Korea deets and the latest in the life of the Joe 2 the Olmstead yehaw.

So last time in my thrilling tales of adventure, I was staying with my Host Uncle/Aunt's family and had just gone to Gyeongijeon hall. Well I ended up staying with that family for a bit longer than I expected (a full month to be exact, but by now I am in fact back at my host family's house) and we had lots of adventures! One thing that started up was I began taking Piano lessons over there in Boryeong, which were really fun! I actually gained some minor competence in piano, learned an Adele song, and learned that these here Koreans (and apparently a lot of other Asian countries) use Do Re Mi and so on instead of the letters for notes like we do in the good ol' U S of A.

Another thing that happened that might be described as a singular event rather than a lengthy series of events like Piano lessons, was when me and the fam went to this rad Snow Village! No idea where it was, never actually asked, we just kinda showed up there and it was super hype! They had tons of snow sculptures and even some wild snow slidey type ride things (they were intense, my butt hurt afterwards). Also at the end of the day, we all stood around a fire and roasted walnuts. It was certainly an experience I'd never had before and I suppose that's one of the best parts of exchange lmao.

Another thingaroo that happened was we went to a Modern History Museum in Gunsan! It was pretty neat, we saw plenty of things and stuff pertaining to the development of Modern Korea, and more specifically Gunsan. So yeah! A day or two after that me, my host cousin, and her friend went on a boat tour, which was fun! A bit after that event thingy (which was pretty much one of my last days in Boryeong with that family) we went to another relative's house to celebrate the Korean New year, much in the same fashion that we'd celebrated Chuseok. We just stayed over, woke up early, and honored ancestors before eating and heading home (of course, I ended up heading back to my original host family's house rather than the family that I'd stayed with the past month.) And thus was the end of my adventures in Boryeong! Since then I've mostly just been chilling at my host fam's house, studying some and doing some art stuff (also me n' the bro saw Kung Fu Panda 3 which was hype) so yeah! That's all the latest in my life.

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