Joe, outbound to Korea

Yo yo yo your favorite Korean exchange student is back with the hottest news on his Korean escapades. Things have kinda remained slow recently so I'll probably keep the event update kinda shorter than previous entries yehaw.

So alright since I last updated my thousands of anxious fans on here, I've been to an event in Seoul called the "Musical Concert" a name that I was initially confused by (thinking that it was a simple awkward translation) but it turned out to be a concert of songs primarily from musicals. The performers were excellent and it was quite interesting to see how western culture, namely singing styles and stories had made their way into the Korean popular culture. I went there with my Host Mom and Host Bro as well as a few friends of my Host Mother's, and so our car ride was filled with my introduction and some of my awkward attempts to converse and introduce myself in Korean.

One thing that was pretty interesting was the fact that it started snowing! This has been my first time living long termish in an area that actually snows so it was quite a joy to see. What was less of a joy was attempting to navigate the slippery and watery mess that was the sidewalks. It was pretty nice initially but there was one day when I came home with my socks soaked and another when I actually fell on the ground because there was honestly no non-slippery ground. Either way, it's been pretty fun! (Despite how bloody freezing it's been).

The most recent event of notability for me was heading to a new sauna with the fam. While that doesn't sound like the most wild of adventures, it was a bit more interesting than you might think. You see, in case I've not mentioned in my other journals, me and my family has been going to the local sauna together every Sunday for the past few weeks. The facility we've been going to consisted of two simple rooms for either gender with pools and steam rooms and such, but this facility was that and so much more. It was called Roman bath and was a good way away from our home, at its entrance it leads into two rooms similar to the regular spa back home, but once you finished getting all steamed up and such, it lead into a larger room which both genders were allowed to be in (only after putting clothes on however). The larger room had many steam rooms installed as well as an arcade, massage chairs, restaurants, and even more. It was quite an impressive facility and we ended up spending just about the entirety of the day there. One fun thing that I did there was have my feet nibbled on by fish. You see, they had little pools filled with tiny fish, which you would place your feet in and the fish would clean your feets up by nibbling off excess matter and all that somesuch. Good times.

Alright so that's my update. Now that we've come to the end-ish of this particular journal I thought I'd just include some tips for potential Koreadventurers who might be reading this, so here we go. 1) Learn vocabulary LEARN VOCABULARY, it will help so much in comprehension, and really you can just figure out a lot of grammar on your own as long as you have plenty of vocabulary okay good heavens it's important. 2) Kimchi and rice together are really good. Idk this is common knowledge but yeah there ya go. 3) Learn to enjoy spicy food if you don't already. Yes this is necessary. 4) If you're a gamer, get into league of legends. I promise it will help you make friends(I'm not sure how well this will work among girls as I've only tested it at a male only school). 5) Scarves are your friend during winter.

That's all I can remember right now so that's all kids yehaw B-)

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