John, outbound to Brazil

Howdy from Brasil! I recently went on a trip with Belo Brasil to the state of Amazonia in northern Brasil. It was an amazing trip and is really hard to describe. My favorite part of the trip was the people I had the opportunity to meet. People I may never see again but will nonetheless have a lasting impact on my life. But, I cannot hope to convey how wonderful many of the people I met are. I can however describe the things we did together.

We flew into Manaus, the capitol of Amazonia, and stayed there one night in a lovely hotel. Our second night was in a jungle lodge father away from the city. The first night there we saw a dance troop, ate quite possibly the most delicious pineapple the world has ever seen, and chose our boats. That night we also hiked to a waterfall, first in the pouring rain that gives the rain forest its name, and then in the dark. On this hike we entered a cave full of bats and walked through a waterfall. It was such a unique experience and an incredible way to start the trip. The next morning we walked to another beautiful waterfall and swam there. Then we took a bus to the boats we would use to explore the Rio Amazonas and the Rio Negro. There were three boats for sleeping: Sloth, Alligator, and last but not least Anaconda. There was also a dinning boat where we would eat breakfast lunch and dinner. The food was excellent and I certainly enjoyed the all you can eat buffet three times a day. I also enjoyed the delicious watermelon and pineapple that was constantly available on the individual boats.

The majority of the trip was spent on the boats. We saw a little bit of the Amazon River but spent most of our time on the Rio Negro. The Rio Negro is more acidic than the Amazon and therefore less mosquitoes hatch in its waters. Where the two rivers meet the water does not mix for three reasons. The Rio Negro is warmer, more acidic, and flows slower than the Amazon so the two different colored rivers appear to be separate. We saw this the first day in the boats after leaving Manaus. We visited an Indian tribe during our time on the boats. We saw a traditional dance, some of the medicine that they used, and their school. Later in the trip we visited a normal community in the region. We saw their school as well and played a fun game of soccer with the locals.

We saw many unique and rare animals on the trip but the coolest animals were the Bixo Pregisa( sloth), the Jacaré ( alligator), and the anaconda (anaconda). We took pictures with all three of these animals. I will try to include them in this entry. Everyone loves sloths so it was great to get a picture with one. My favorite animal was the Boto Rosa which is a pink dolphin not to be confused with Bota Rosa which is a pink boot. We swam in the water with these dolphins twice. There were “dolphin trainers” who would feed fish to the dolphins while we swam in the water next to the dolphins. It was insane to be that close to such a powerful, beautiful, and wild animal. Learning about the unique animals, trees, and people in the Amazon was a once in a life time experience.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who helped get me to Brasil and to the Amazon. It was unbelievably fun! I enjoyed it so much! I wish I could go back and I hope I can visit the wonderful people I met in the future.

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