Joe, outbound to Korea

Hey kiddies, I'm back again with more quality journal related content. It's been around a month since my last journal, and a number of things have happened so lets get into it kids.

Last time I wrote in this here journalroo thingadoo, I had been through a rather wild course of initial events introducing me to this here Korea country creating for a rather different attitude in writing than the one I'm making now. Maybe it's a thing of my personality or maybe it's just a thing of the situation I'm in, but I've found myself entering a sort of "new normal" what I mean, is that I've sort of found a grounding in this once distant land. I've gotten used to the usual schedule of waking up and going to school, of what times I have lunch, of what friends I usually hang out with, and all that one might normally find to be the norm in a highschool life. Essentially I've sort of created a stable and normal life for myself in this new home. I think it's a bit too soon to personally decide for myself what I think of that, but I suppose it may indicate that I've fit in quite well? This feels like something I might've heard about if I actually read a bit further into other previous exchange student's journals (if you're still reading these journals of mine, good on you, buckaroo) either way, I guess it wasn't anything major that I needed to be warned about right? I mean, I'm not really experiencing any manifestation of anxiety any longer, and I'm generally comfortable where I'm at in learning the language and getting used to the situation, so, it's all good in the hood kids.

Anyway, since I last wrote I've been to Seoul twice, my first visit was with my brother and his friend, just looking around Yongsan station and seeing the rad Doraemon festival that was going on there, while my second time was a more complete tour of the city along with the son of one of the members of my Rotary club. We made sure to visit plenty of neat tourist destinations and eat only the most quality of foods(unfortunately we didn't make it to the figurine store that we were gonna go to at the end of the day however, which was truly the greatest travesty of my life) all in all, a good trip!

Also a thing that happened since my last journal: Chuseok! A thing commonly described to me as "Korean Thanksgiving", Chuseok is a yearly harvest festival in Korea, upon which, I got a week off of school (heckie yeah) and had several neat adventures! On the first day of the break, my family got ready and headed over to my host dad's brother's house (host uncle's house??) and we had a meal together before staying the night. The following day, we traveled to several other family's houses and proceeded with the main celebration of Chuseok, good food was eaten, and good times were had yo. The next day, my family and I met up with the family members we had celebrated Chuseok with at a local cemetery to pay respects to the dead and have a quick snack. Later that week of Chuseok, I also went harvesting sweet potatoes with my host mom and members of my rotary club. Good times on Chuseok yehaw B-).

I suppose those are all of the big updates on my life to put in the journal? I dunno we're also getting a puppy later this week which is cool. Yeah there it all is my compatriots wahoo B-)

P.S. Another protip for my future Korean outbounds that might be reading this: Bring your own toilet paper to school. Do it. Seriously. They don't have their own toilet paper there, nor do they have tissues. Just bring a roll and keep it in your bag. Seriously like this is super important kids, ya gotta do it yo.

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