Jordan, Outbound to Denmark

Hej alle! I cannot believe that I have already been in Denmark for a whole month. Even though it is quite stressful at times, I quickly have fallen in love with this beautiful country and my amazing city.

I live in Odense, which is the 3rd largest city in Denmark and the largest city on Fyn island. Because of where my school is located, I take the bus home from school. Saying that public transportation is confusing is an understatement. I have been confused and lost many times, but luckily I have my host sister and a wonderful iPhone app guiding me through and making sure that I get where I need to be. Here in Denmark, you don’t get your drivers license until you turn 18, so basically, all of my classmates and friends either ride their bike or take the bus everywhere. Even though I miss driving, it is very nice to be able to be on your phone on the way home from school.

Last month when I arrived, I flew in on a Sunday and then began school on Tuesday. Being thrown right into a schedule was nice, and I am lucky that my classmates are so friendly. The first day of school I was terrified that no one would talk to me, but right away the girls in my class welcomed me and so I felt like I wasn’t as much of an outsider, which was so amazing. Even though it can be tough sometimes not to speak the language that everyone around you speaks, if you make an active effort to learn more and make friends, I have noticed that people will realize your efforts and be more patient and understanding with you.

One of my favorite memories from my first month here was RYE Intro Camp. My third week here, I took a train with about 30 other Rotary exchange students up to Bjerrenbro, where we met with all the RYE inbound students in Denmark. There are 155 Rotary inbounds in Denmark and it was so amazing meeting other students from all over the world. During the week, we took Danish lessons, salsa lessons, played volleyball, and went on a field trip to Århus. I had so much fun and I am excited to meet up with my friends again throughout the year.

Learning Danish is probably one of the toughest things I have attempted. I can already see the improvements that I have made in only a month, but it is still very tough. I am looking forward to learning more words and not having to work so hard to understand conversations being spoken around me.

I want to thank Rotary again for giving me this wonderful life-changing opportunity. One month in and I already feel like Denmark is a huge part of me, I can’t even imagine how I will feel later in the year. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to keeping everyone updated on my year here in Denmark. :) Vi ses!

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