Jose, Outbound to Peru

My exchange so far has been great. Peru is a country very rich in culture and the food is amazing. I used to live in a city called Lima, Peru but now I’ve changed to the city of Cusco and I love it here but sadly I have to go back to Lima soon, because I’m only here in Cusco for vacation. I have visited amazing places like Machu Picchu and the sacred Valley and I can tell you that Peru is one of the most beautiful countries that I’ve ever been to. Walking on the street I always see native people dressed up and It always being a smile to my face. There are always festivals and parties going on in this country it is amazing. My current house family is the best and I do not wanna leave them or go back to Lima but sadly I think I might have to. School here is a drag but school is school but the problem here is they treat you like you’re a child and like it’s a jail. In my daily life I usually just hang out with friends and go to school but right now I’m on summer vacation so I don’t have to do anything. When I’m in school they don’t really make me do much work so it’s more honorary than anything. I can proudly say that I’ve graduated twice, as I’ve graduated from my school in Peru as well as my school in the United States. Peruvians are nice and they only mean well but a lot of the youth are only focused on drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco which is sad when you don’t want to take part in things like that but that’s all the youth does. Although, I have made friends with a bunch of other exchange students from various countries and I love them all dearly. My first host family in Lima meant well but I did not clash with their personalities well. It seemed there was always a problem in the house or a negative environment but nobody was ever really mad at me the house just felt icky because of all the negativity. But the host family I’m with now is amazing. They always take me on trips and they always have something fun to do and I have a little house sister and she’s the best. she’s like a real sister. I can truly say I have four sisters now. Peru is so amazing because it contains deserts, jungles, mountains, and the beach, what more could you ask for? Peru will always have a special place in my heart and I will surely come back to visit the people that I love here, and also the wonderful people I have met through exchange in their home countries. If anybody was ever to visit Peru I definitely recommend every city except for Lima, The problem is, is it’s so sad and depressing and it’s always gray, cold, and humid, And coming from Florida it really takes a toll on you. I hope whoever Is reading this enjoys what I had to say ciao!

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