Ayuanna, Outbound to South Korea

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So far my exchange has been really good even though I have only been here for one week. I get along very well with my host family especially my host brother who speaks the most English out of all of them even though he is only 13. Recently my host mom's family came down from Seoul and they knew English really well, so we went to Gonsan ,a city that most people go to to have fun, and went to a festival and bowling, so that was very exciting for me. Monday was my first day of school and everyone really surprised me with how nice they were!! They all wanted to shake my hand and asked me questions but they were too afraid to speak English because they thought it wasn't good. I even met two other exchange student one who went to Thailand and another who went to Florida but they were in the Jacksonville area. I could not really do anything in class because I did not understand Korean so in the future I hope to get better at Korean. I have Korean lessons on Tuesdays and on Wednesday afternoons I think that will really help in progressing my Korean. There is a lot of stuff that I need to get in order to further myself into the schools normality. Like in school they use slippers instead of regular shoes, so I need to buy those. Also after eating lunch they brush their teeth so I will need to remember to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste with me. I also need a book bag because I did not bring mine with me because it was too big. Emotionally I feel like I am at home in Seocheon I really like the tranquility of the town even though I've only been here for a week. As I was walking through the town it was very quiet and people were very polite. I feel like I will make great friends in Seocheon because they try so hard to help me in class and include me in everything they do. They even told me I could join their lunch group and that made me very happy. I hope everyone even my host family will be understanding and help me learn Korean!