Dillon - Outbound to Japan

… soooo, I went to a beach in Hawaii yesterday! (August 13th) It's not what you think though, it wasn’t the island Hawaii, rather, the town next to Kurayoshi. It was a nice beach but it was on the smaller side and there were only a few dozen people at the time. We went to an area with a lot of rocks and hunted for oysters, which we later cooked into miso soup.

After coming home from the beach, my host brother and I went to a Karaoke bar for about 2 hours. Obviously, I only sang English songs and he only sang Japanese songs but we still had a great time and I strive to be able to sing in Japanese before I leave! Anyways, school starts August 23rd and I was excited about it until I realized I speak next to no Japanese AND I just found out that they are putting me in the top class, the hardest classes in Japanese high school.

But on a lighter note, the dark picture of the city is where I am staying: Kurayoshi. Today we are going to Tottori to celebrate Obon, a festival were you give remembrance to your deceased ancestors. I guess part of the festival, about 1000 Japanese women walk down the streets dressed in kimonos and dance with colorful umbrellas. I’ll be sure to take many pictures and upload them in a later post! Until next time, Sayonara!