Ocyrus, Outbound to Hungary

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I have stayed almost two weeks in Szolnok, Hungary, as of today. I was welcomed into my knew home of the Paksi family and began to start my exchange year. Can't honestly say I started off running though. The Jet Lag hit me incredibely hard and my sleeping schedule was destroyed for the next few days. However that didn't last forever.

On my first and second day I went out once with my host Father, Csaba, and the next with my host brother Barnabas, to explore the city. I soon realized that exploring the city could only occupy me so long as Szolnok is incredibly small. I saw majority of the city in those two days. However it's noticing the smaller details of the city that start to make it shine. I had some of the best Ice cream I have ever had on my second day, and stores with randomly assorted items that are simply just fun to cruise around in.

On the third day my host family went out to adopt a dog for my host sister. Nobody knows what breed it is but I feel it may get big. A few days after adoption the dog came down with a serious illness however and almost died. Luckily she pulled through and is shaping up much better today then she was days past.

Another day I went to volunteer with my siblings at the same dog shelter they adopted the dog at. It was a fairly interesting experience. It was apparent that budgets were low, but spirits high. Many people were there to help out with maintaining the shelter. I absolutely love dogs and it was an amazing day. The smell of dog took awhile to leave my clothing too, but I saw it as a fair exchange.

Family time is always important and I try to have plenty of it. Spending the afternoon at a restaurant with my host parents and some family friends to inviting the other two inbounds from my city to the house so we could all play darts with my brother. A day where I went with my mother and her mother to another city by bus so we could visit some hot springs stands out particularlry well.

Of the three days of school I've had so far, they've been fairly simplistic. Nice kids and made more friends every day. In the growing spare time I've started to work on my language skills and vocabulary.

On a final note, McDonald's is not much better than it is back home. Although I hardly ever ate it, the small taste of American was welcomed.

Thank You,