Julia, Outbound to Finland


Life has been crazy here. Since the last time I wrote a blog I changed host families, went to Lapland, had Christmas/ new years, and have kinda survived the Finnish winter.

These couple of months have been amazing and difficult. I first went to Lapland for a week with Rotary. That trip was the best trip ever. I went skiing, dog sledding, and a reindeer ride. It was also my first time seeing SNOW!!!! Also just being with all the exchange students was great.

Next a couple of weeks after Lapland it was time for me to change host families. It was kinda crazy thinking leaving everything I knew and my safe place. I knew things were gonna be making in my new family but it was just the thought. So when I moved I was happy but not so happy. After my first night I fell in love with them. I have a host dad (Juha) and a host sister (Eveliina) that live in the house with me. I also have two other host sisters Kamila and Pauliina. everyone in my family is the best. Very different from my first family but it’s a good different and I couldn’t ask for anything different.


Thanksgiving in Finland. Well it’s not a thing which is kinda good. So me and my American friend Siobhan just went to our favorite Mexican restaurant (Taco Nito). Then, CHRISTMAS/ HYVÄÄ JOULUA, well it was actually amazing. Finnish Christmas is different but am amazing different. So the first different thing is that we celebrate in the 23rd of December not the 24th. Well the day state of with me and my host sisters going sledding and coming back home and going to sauna. Then all go us having brunch. After brunch we stated getting the food ready for dinner. We love all sending time together and just spending time playing games and being together. We got ready and had dinner then opened presents. After Christmas day I thought the festivities were over but no. The next day we went to my host moms house and it started all over again. After this two days I thought it was all done but nope not even close the next day we went to go visit the whole family. Which was absolutely amazing. Meeting the whole family and just being apart of everything just go try mind off of being away from home. Next New Years, well that was also amazing. Me and some of my exchange friends and Finnish friends went to the river and watched the fireworks. Then went to go get food at Hesburger.

I never really thought it exchange was extremely difficult. But after New Years it came time for the oldies to leave back to Australia and one of my best friends was apart of that. The week before Isaac left we took a trip to Helsinki with Siobhan. We absolutely had the best time the next week me Siobhan and I travel back to Helsinki to say our goodbyes. It’s kinda crazy just knowing that you don’t know the next time your gonna see that person. Now walking around the city with Siobhan without Isaac is so weird and different. It’s absolutely bizarre knowing that things are never gonna be the same in our friend group.


Man It is AMAZING, words can’t even describe how mind blown I am about It. Yesterday was -24 degrees Celsius with about 6 cm of snow on the ground. Seeing everything covered in snow is so pretty. Yet kinda annoying. Do you guys know the they do not plow there snow here in Finland so basically you’re just walking on ice. They put pebbles down on the sidewalks but it doesn’t help. I’ve literally fallen so many times. But it’s all about the experience.

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