Kam, outbound to Brazil

Eae gente! It's been a while since I wrote a journal. So much has happened in 2 months so I'll start with March in April.

In the months of March and April,the biggest even that happened for me was that I would be going on a 13 day trip with exchange students to the cities of Foz do Iguacu, Porto Alegre, Gramado, Canela, Florianopolis, and Curtiba in the south of Brazil and also to Argentina and Paraguay. We started our trip on March 16th and headed to the city of Foz do Iguacu. In Foz do Iguacu we first visited a park of birds which contained 500 different species of birds from Brazil and also from other continents. It was really cool seeing all of the different species of birds that I have never seen before. After the Bird's park we headed towards the Foz do Iguacu waterfalls on the Brazilian side. The view of the waterfalls was really amazing. As we approached closer and closer to the waterfalls the water from the falls would hit on our clothes lightly but after about 30 minutes everyone's clothes were soaked haha.

After Foz do Iguacu we headed to the city of Porto Alegre. In the city of Porto Alegre we took a city tour where we viewed downtown, historical landmarks, and a cathedral. It was very nice. The next cities we went to were Gramado and Canela. Arriving in these cities was one of the best parts. All around you you could see mountains, trees, and a green scenery surrounding you. In these two cities we went to a Black Lagoon in the morning which was really nice with mist, and 60 degrees weather, a car museum where we saw a bunch of antique cars from the 90's and 80's, a chocolate factory which had in my opinion the best chocolate that I've tasted in Brazil, and we went to and enormous waterfall that sat 131 meters tall.

The last two cities that we traveled to were Florianopolis and Curitiba. In Florianopolis we visited the Fig Tree which one of the city's touristic spots, to Inglese’s Beach, and also to Armacao's Beach. At Inglese’s beach we had a really nice time. We played soccer, swam in the warm beach's waters, and played football. It was a chill day. At Armacao's Beach on the following day it started to rain as everyone started to put their bags and stuff down but that didn't stop some of us from getting in the water haha. While it was raining we jumped into the water and it was such a good feeling minus the part about the raining hitting our bodies which hurt a little kkkk. We made the best out of the day even with the rain in our way. In the last city of our trip, Curitiba, we toured a botanical garden, the 24 hour street, the Civic Center, and the Flowers Street. My favorite would've had to been the botanical garden because it was a really ni ce to see all of the beautiful flowers, plants, trees, and lake. After coming back from the trip to the south of Brazil I started to miss my family, friends, dog, and city. I began to have a lot of mixed emotions. With less than 45 days left in Brazil, I don't think it will be easy to leave this beautiful country that I now call my home. Being in Brazil has taught me a new language, how to be more responsible and independent, and things about myself that I never knew. Exchange definitely changed my life.