Kam, outbound to Brazil

E AÍ Mano!!! I am finally in Brazil and I've been here for a little over a month now. My life here is very different from my life back in Florida. I love it here.

On the day of my departure from the Orlando International Airport, I didn't have a lot of nervousness that day. I was ready. I said my goodbyes to my family in Orlando and headed into customs. Everything went well thankfully. I boarded my flight to Atlanta in time but something tragic happened. There was a thunderstorm in Orlando at the time which delayed my flight for a hour but after the storm we finally left. The flight from Orlando to Atlanta took 1 hour and 35 minutes. I get off the plane and rush to the international gates with 20 minutes left before the plane from Atlanta to Sao Paulo takes off. I board the plane, put my earbuds in, and watch a couple of movies while on the flight. We finally arrive in Sao Paulo after 9 long hours and I am greeted by my host family with a big sign saying "Bem-Vindo Kam". I was so happy and it felt as if I was living out of a dream. We sat at a table, I tried the well known Pao de Queijo and Guarana., and then we headed on to the home.

At the home I live with my host mom, host dad, host cousin, and host brother. We had a big breakfast and I tried many different foods. After the breakfast my host brother and I took the subway to Avenida Paulista which is a famous street in Sao Paulo. We went to a buffet with my host brother's friends and after we headed back to meet my other host brother at the skatepark. My first day here was really nice and I love it here!

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