Kam, outbound to Brazil

E ai mano! I've been in Brazil for a litte over 2 months now and words can't describe how much I love it here. The host family that I am with right now is perfect because I have a host brother who is 15 and a host sister who is 16. My host brother and I go skateboarding a lot together. My other host brother also skates but he is on exchange to Denmark. I live near a subway station and the bus stop is right outside of where I live so trasportation is very convinient for me. For the past 2 1/2 months I have done a lot.

In August I went on a Rotary trip during my third week to Rio de Janeiro. Around 100 other exchanges from my state in Brazil, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Rio de Janeiro met up together in Rio. We did a flash mob dance for the Rotarians since we were there for a Rotary Conference. It went well, more or less I think haha. After we performed the flash mob dance, our group from Sao Paulo went to the beach. Nobody had their swim suits with them except me who for some reason slept in swimming trunks the night before. Wearing jeans and a t shirt didn't stop everybody from getting in the water. The beach was so beautiful. While diving into the massive Rio waves you could feel the refreshing water rush upon your skin as your body submerges completly under a a wave. It was definitely one of the best feelings that I've had for sure. For the rest of August I went to a couple birthday parties, skated with my brother, made friends at the skatepark, and tried many different Brazilian foods.

In September I did a lot of skating and exploring my city. My host uncle took my cousins, brother, and I bowling. Back in Florida I am sooo horrible at bowling but for some reason here I am actually good haha. I won 2 games and my uncle won the last one. For the rest of September I went to Avenida Paulista a lot which is similar to Times Square with other exchange students. I also had Inbound Orientation which was very nice. I was able to see all of my good friends and able to play football, soccer, volleyball, get in the pool, and play a game of pool with my friends. My Rotary district and another district which makes up ExpoBrasil went to an Expoflora event in Holambra which only happens on Fridays and Saturdays in the month of September. The event is a flower festival with German foods, rides for kids to get on, shops to buy things, and museums. It was nice and very hot which everyone had to deal with for a good 4 hours in the sun. During the festival all of the other exchange students and I represented our countries with our flag in the parade that we were in. It was a really cool event.

Being in Brazil for a little over 2 months has humbled me a lot and has taught me a lot. My host parents speak only Portuguese which is a big help to me even though my host brother and host sister speak with me in English sometimes which I always have to tell them to only speak in Portuguese with me haha. But I love them a lot. My Portuguese has gotten a lot better since I first arrived in Brazil. I am able to talk to my parents and other people who speak only Portuguese with knowing the gist of what they're saying to me haha. I've learned that learning a foreign language studying abroad, hanging out with natives of the country, and laughing and spending time with your host family is definitely an experience of a lifetime. Thank you, Rotary, for blessing me with this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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