Kaylee, outbound to Belgium

Sorry for the poor English. Writing English is becoming harder and harder.

It has almost been 3 months in Belgium. I have spent these past couple of months creating relationships. It is crazy thinking that the people I interact with everyday were once strangers. It is a great feeling being able to say I have developed relationships with these used to be strangers.

Since I have been here, I have noticed that about 3 of every 5 people remind me of people who relate to the United States. The people who the Belgians remind me of are not necessarily people I am close with; it can be someone I used to walk past in the hallways of my high school or other exchange students from different countries I have met in Florida.

True friendships are forming with other exchange students and the students from school. I always look forward to exploring the country with the other exchangers because memories are always bound to be made, and I love being around Belgians because I am engaged in the culture. At school, I enjoy singing English songs with the students (Victoria), and most of the time they know the lyrics better than I do. I am also grateful that the students are willing to help me with the language ( Prof Lucie).

I am having an amazing time on my exchange but with the tragic events that have happened around the world, I am reminded of what the goal of exchange is. My exchange is not only about the amazing experience or finding who I am, but it is about being an ambassador of my country to create what is really important: World Peace.

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