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Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, if any its is the best. I was really sad I was not going to be celebrating holidays back with my REAL family, On Friday night of last week I went out to buy Christmas presents for my family members here in Czech, I was in the mall trying to find the perfect gifts for hours, and was so stressed and sad because I didn’t think I was going to be able to find the perfect gifts for my family. I am a perfekcionista or I at least strive to be when it comes to Christmas presents, and shopping. After all they have done so much for me, from welcoming me into their home early with open arms, and completely changing my exchange, to better than I could ever be.. I called my mom and dad for help but no answer, and then it hit me this is something I must do on my own. Luckily I was able to find my idea of perfect gifts after hours of walking in and out of the stores countless times. (I will post the list of gifts below) 

Christmas Day

I woke up, got dressed everything was the same except for no breakfast, and I wrapped my presents I bought the previous day. Everything was fine and the sadness of no spending Christmas with my blood family didn’t kick in or “hit me” until hours after.

I remember being in the car with my host family on the way to my host sisters house to celebrate Christmas, and the reality of me spending Christmas away from my family hit me for the first time. Maybe because on the inside I was crying and sad because I was away from my family for Christmas for the first time in my life. So many people have asked me way before Christmas “Will you go home to celebrate Christmas” Nope, I will say, I will be here. I was completely fine with it, I didn’t think it would be bad, you know? I’ve missed birthdays, yeah I was sad I couldn’t be there to celebrate with them, but missing one of the most family orientated holidays is a feeling of sadness I cannot put into words.

As the day went on, and we arrived at my host sisters house I started to feel more and more happier and the sadness quickly started to fade away, and I began to enjoy everything as I learned and experienced THEIR Christmas. Usually Czechs fast for the entire Christmas day and eat when it gets dark, no food until maybe 5 or 6 o’clock when it is completely dark. Luckily my family is pretty amazing so they adjusted things a little bit, we were only able to eat food that does not contain any meat, so we ate a lot of sweets.

To pass time until the darkness came and we could eat real food, we went on a hike with my host sister, my family, uncle, and my host sisters husband, we walked for a little over an hour. We came across this “Florida beach” (it was a lake with sand) I will add the photo into this post. 🙂 About an hour or so after we returned home from the walk, it was dark and dinner was prepared, we had: Fried carp, schnitzel, and potato salad. (I usually HATE potato salad, never ever eat it, but I ate it just to try it and it was the most amazing potato salad I have ever had in my life, sorry mom. )

After dinner we went outside with sparklers and we lit them so the Jesus baby could deliver presents… We have Santa Claus in the US, and here they have Jesus, or in Czech “Ježíš”, here they believe he delivers the Christmas presents. I didn’t fully understand the rules so I wrote

To:_____ From: Kayla, on the gifts, I was only supposed to write who it was from …. Oopss.

My Christmas presents were amazing,

I received:

Super warm neck scarf and ear muffs
2 bracelets
black sparkly sequin sweater
body wash and perfume

For my host family:

Host Dad: Wallet, and a film
Host mom: Picture in a frame, necklace, and my favorite movie “Big Eyes”
Host brother: Shaun the sheep movie, (his reaction opening it made me really happy), tec deck
Host Uncle: Tea (I have another gift for him soon)
Host sister: Bath-bomb, socks, and something else I cant remember 🙁
Over all Christmas was sooo great.