Kaylee, outbound to Belgium

Before I even started my exchange the phrase “ this is will the best year of your life” was engraved in my head. Well here I am over six months into “the best year of my life.”
After completing over half of my exchange, I would not give this year the title of the best year. Leading up to exchange, exchange students participate in retreats which explain the roller coaster of exchange. Despite all the helpful exercises and storytelling, nothing can truly prepare a student for the year they are about to endure. I have had lows I have never experienced prior to exchange. In a split moment, a normal day can turn into me fighting back tears, longing to go back to the comfort zone I call home. Whereas the next moment, I cannot imagine boarding the plane home that signifies the end of my exchange. But at the end of the day, I know that this year is a year that can never be repeated. I can always continue to travel or have another opportunity to study abroad, but no matter the circumstances, nothing will ever be this exchange year; this thought frightens me the most.
I may not classify this year as the best year of my life (yet) but it is the most rewarding. So how do I entitle this year? “The year of confusing happiness.”

P.S. I promise my next entry will be about all the fun things!

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