Kendra, outbound to Hungary

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This week was Autumn break and I went to Italy for most of it. I went to Perugia, Assisi and Venice. I went with my third host family and we met their friend who is Hungarian but has lived in Italy for twenty years. She translated for us throughout the trip. We went to a restaurant where we learned how to make a traditional Italian meal by hand. The coolest part was making the pasta. We also toured an oil factory that makes olive oil and dressings. Another thing we did was go to the Saint Francis Church which is very famous.We also walked around markets and looked in shops. While I was in Italy I experienced an earthquake for the first time. It was very scary but it was over quickly. I went to the city of Venice and I found it absolutely amazing. It was so mind blowing that a city was just built on top of the water. Venice was a beautiful city but unfortunately it probably won't be around when I have children because of the rising sea levels. I a m just glad I had the chance to go before it sinks. I also went on a gondola ride which was very cool. I celebrated Halloween there with my host siblings and my host families friend's children. I had a lot of fun. When I got back from Italy I went to the Rudas baths. It was a great experience and very relaxing. I am sad that Autumn break is ending but I am excited to see my friends at school again.