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Oi Gente! This entry is for my second month in Brazil, and I know it´s quite late, but I want to start this Post off with something exciting!

On the 9th of October, I was lucky enough to see my first real life surgery. My host father is an obstetrician. After lunch, he asked me if I would like to come and watch a Cesarean-section birth. I said “Yes.” without hesitation. After about ten minutes, we were on our way. I was excited, but I was also really nervous. I really hoped I wouldn’t faint and embarrass myself at the sight of blood. I’ve never been squeamish at the sight of blood, but I feel like observing a surgery is on a whole other level. 

When we arrived at the hospital, we changed into scrubs and Crocs, and entered the operating room where the patient and other doctors were waiting. I don’t know how much I should share of the actual process itself, but I will say it was an amazing experience witnessing the birth of this New Person, a healthy baby girl. I’m not a doctor, but I will also say that my host Dad did a really masterful job of stitching up the patient. If I didn’t see it stitched up myself, down to the last layer of skin,I would have thought everything was glued together.The stitching was so neat.

All in all, witnessing this birth was a really exciting and interesting experience!

I’ve also attended another wedding. This time there was food and dancing after the main ceremony. During the main ceremony, a group from my music teacher’s school played at the wedding: the traditional wedding song as the bride entered and even the Game of Thrones theme song as the important guests entered. The music was played very well.
This wedding also had a live band separate from my teacher. They played English and Brazilian songs. Everyone was dancing and when we left it was almost one.
Last Thursday I went to Salto Corumbá, which boasts several Cachoeiras ( waterfalls), with my host mom and her friends from the Espírito Center. I absolutely loved it. I adore spending time in nature. The waterfalls were gorgeous. But to get the them was a bit of a hike up Rocky trails. It felt incredible to swim in the refreshingly cold water afterwards.
One of them had a little cave that you could only access by trying to squeeze through several rock walls or swimming around. My host mom said I should try to pass through the walls. It was kind of freaky because I couldn't see much of anything, but the view inside the cave of the waterfall was worth it. Many people had passed through there before and had signed their names on the wall.

I don't have a picture from inside because I didn't bring my phone with me. 😣
Now about my progress in general here, I think I’m doing a good job. My Portuguese is coming along, slowly but surely, and I feel I’ve mostly adjusted to my new life here. Admittedly, things emotionally are getting a bit harder. My host mom reminded me that month 2 is one of the most difficult months because that’s when everything stops being quite so new and exciting. Instead, it’s just your normal daily schedule. In those times, especially for me, there is more room in your mind to think of home and the people you miss. During those times, I try to do a little exercise and make myself stay in the company of others, even though my first instinct is to be by myself.

Also, making deep friendships with the other Brazilian students is a bit more tricky than I thought. I have a group of friends that I usually hang out with, but sometimes I feel we all get tired of me having to ask what every little thing in a conversation means. I’m going to keep trying because I honestly enjoy their company when I understand what’s going on, I want to have friends from my host country, and there’s no other inbounds close to where I live. I keep reminding myself to be patient and that this is just one of the hard parts of the process. Learning the language of your host country is important in all aspects.

That’s all I have to share from Month 2!

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