Kendra, outbound to Hungary

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I have been in Hungary for three weeks now and it feels like I have been here for months. Hungary is such a beautiful country with its architecture and culture nothing can beat it. I arrived August 15th in the morning so I had the chance for some sightseeing. My wonderful host parents brought me to the Citadella which overlooks Budapest in its entirety. The Citadella is a giant hill that is definitely worth the climb. After, I was taken to one of the McDonalds my host father owns and I was delivered the awesome news that I can eat there for free anytime. My apartment is very cute and is on the top floor which means a lot of stairs for me. When my host parents gave me the keys to the kingdom I was surprised at how many there were and how different the keys looked compared to my American house key. I had two weeks before school started so I went to Lake Balaton for a little over a week and had a great time. The sunsets were stunning and every day they l looked different. I met the Hopka family a couple days into the vacation. They took me in as one of their own. They taught me a lot about Hungarian and I taught them some English. Unfortunately Noémi who is the closest to my age doesn’t go to my school but I plan to go to their house as much as I can. My host parents took me to the half island Tihány. It was very nice and pretty. I did my first souvenir shopping there along with seeing a very old church, eating marzipan and taking a car ferry. I also went swimming in Lake Balaton which was always freezing around 14 degrees Celsius. I am not homesick yet but I do miss my dogs a lot and the Hopka’s have an adorable little dog who makes me feel better. Back in Budapest Noémi took me sightseeing to the Parliament building, the Danube, a memorial on the Danube for the people shot into the river and Margaret Island. We got there just in time to see the fountain that plays music every hour and I got cotton c andy the size of my head. I have still not mastered the public transportation but I plan to soon. School started September 1st and I immediately had friends. I love my classmates so much they are so kind and I feel so lucky to have been put in class 10D. School here in Hungary is very different from Florida but a good different. I am looking forward to the many, many…many months ahead.