Laura, outbound to Greenland

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Surprisingly not much has happened since my last journal in February. It may be due to the fact that life here is so normal to me. I have a routine. I have a social life. I dread going to school like all of my other classmates. I sit down at night and eat dinner with my host family. It sometimes comes to a shock and I have to remind myself that I’m on exchange. I can’t even imagine not being here next year to go to the second grade with my class. I have made such a strong bond with my friends and family, leaving them is the last thing I want to do. In less than two weeks I’ll be getting on a plane to Denmark for Euro Tour and saying goodbye to my exchange year. I’m so excited to finally meet the exchange students in Denmark and traveling through Europe together but am so sad to say goodbye to my life here. I’m looking back at my year here and thinking of all the good and bad times and saying I did that with no regrets. 

I have been keeping busy these past few months. My school had their version of prom in February and it’s safe to say that that was one of my favorite moments yet. After the party we went to walk around the city and after a few of my friends slept over my house. The next morning we went out to breakfast at a cafe. That whole night we were laughing and dancing. I moved into my fourth host family late February. From the moment I got there they were so kind and treated me like a part of their family. March and April were quiet months compared to earlier this year. Not much has happened except for after eight months the snow is finally starting to melt and that the sun now rises at 3am and sets at 12am. I spent most of my time either out with friends, my host family or school. For Easter my host family and Noah, the other exchange student here dyed easter eggs. For my family it was the first time and they were so much better at it than Noah and I even though we’ve done it our whole lives. During our spring break I tried cross country skiing for the first time. For those that haven’t tried yet, it’s not as easy as it looks. There was a lot of falling down and a lot of snow in my boots but slowly I’m getting better and not looking like an amateur. I also got to go snowboarding. I’ve done it before when I was living in New York but that was over six years ago. I was pretty bad but not as bad as cross country skiing.

A few days ago I moved in with one of my friends family for my last few weeks here making my count of host families up to five. My last host family is having family from Denmark come up for my host sister's confirmation. The day after I moved into Aila’s house I had to say goodbye to Noah who went back to Minnesota to start college. We spent the last few days together and tried to complete what we never got to do. I’m so happy to have met him, he was one of my closest friends here and having to say goodbye was one of the hardest things I’ve done so far. It didn’t really hit me until after we hugged goodbye. I miss him a lot but I know that’s not the last time we’re going to see each other.

It’s a weird feeling planning your last week. You think you have more time, but in reality you only have eleven days. I’m currently trying to fit in all my friends for a last get-together before I leave. Next week is already my last week of school. I will no longer have to take the bus to get to school and back home. I won’t have to sit in class and translate everything said and read to me. It won’t be -3ºC everyday; no longer wearing my heavy jacket. I’m so happy that school is over but then again I never want this year to end. I’ve absolutely loved going to school here. Everyone is so nice and school is pretty easy, what more could I ask for? Some of the best moments of exchange do happen when you’re sitting in your boring math class. I’m going to miss the small things about exchange the most. Sitting with my friends on the bus ride to school. Going to the aula during breaks and eating lunch together. Going to cafes after school . Not sweating every time I step outside. Seeing familiar faces everywhere I go since Nuuk is only so big. Looking out any window here and getting some of the best views in the world. Things like this that I can’t imagine living without anymore. Going back to highschool next years doesn’t even seem real. Going back home will be a huge change but that’s the challenge comes with exchange.

Most likely this will be my last Rotary journal so I want to give a big thanks to Rotary. Thank you to every single person that has helped me get to the point where I am now. I am in Greenland right now because of you and all your hard work. It’s because of you that so many people around the world get the opportunity to go somewhere new and experience what I experienced. Thank you for everything and I hope you enjoyed reading my journals of my life here in Greenland.