Marcella, Outbound to Germany

My Exchange in Germany

The first two months of my exchange were just amazing!

Though I didn't get welcomed by a poster with my name and a bunch of people, like I expected, I was warmly welcomed by my older host brother, Leo, and my host mom, Susanne. It was a bit awkward at first since everything was new to me and also because my German wasn't very good. But as time passed, I got more and more used to the family I was living with.

They were always very nice to me and showed me things about the German culture and its traditions.

We also traveled to pretty cities nearby and to my surprise to Italy! I was so happy, because I've always, always wanted to go to Italy. I loved the Italian culture, language, and definitely the food!!It was so fun and warm, in contradiction to the cold weather of Germany!

Other pretty exciting things I did were that I went to the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the IAA (International Automobil-Ausstellung)- the biggest car exposition in the world! This was very significant to me because I love cars and it is something that I always wished to do with my dad, and- check!- I finally did it!

I definitely did not know what to expect from my school, but in the end, I really liked it. The bad part about going to school was that I had to take a train and 2 buses to get there, which is more or less AN HOUR! But other than the painful two hours of my life each day on public transportation (the public transportation here is amazing, just a lil' boring!), my school was interesting. Most days we leave school after lunch, so that was awesome compared to my 9 hour-school-days back home.

The people were very friendly, all, of course, wanted to know the exchange student, which made it so much easier to make friends. And, to my surprise, everyone-and I really do mean everyone- speaks English here, and that is not very good for me because everyone wants to speak to me in English, but all I really want to do is practice my German!

In addition, I have become part of my school's Choir and International Club. Moreover, I have also joined a dance class and a German course, which not only are fun, but I get to meet more people outside school!

Finally, the biggest change I have had experienced is the cold weather!!! Living in Florida for four years, I had almost forgotten that Winter existed and I was definitely not ready for it! I've had to buy so many sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and warm shoes here, but I am pulling through... I will survive this winter!

To the future OBs: I definitely think you guys are going to be very happy with your decision to go abroad, I know, I sure am!

Plus, if you guys have any questions about exchange don't hesitate to ask!

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