Marcella, Outbound to Germany


225 days have passed since I first arrived in Germany, and soon will be time for me to leave, which I dread the mere thought.

On March, it was still very, very cold and cloudy. I still needed to wear my Winter jacket every time I left the house and, to make things better, it would occasionally snow!

However, it doesn't matter how cold it is outside, life goes on.

On this still very cold month, I went to a ballet bestowed to me by my second host family, which was one of the highlights of my month.

Classical music and dance in Germany are very appreciated, therefore the Operas and Ballets are always packed with hundreds of spectators. In addition, Stuttgart has a world renown Ballet company, which made it all the more special! Although I thought I would enjoy it, I absolutely didn't expect to love it! My host mom and I adored the show and bonded over it.

The other highlight of my month was the Boogie-week. This is when 10th-grade students in German Gymnasiums ( work for a week in a place of their choice to further understand a profession they are interested in. In my case, after a lot of help from my RYO, I was welcomed to work in a surgery center specialized in cataract operations. I find it amazing that students have a chance to experience a little of what they want for their future, and decide if they really are interested in a career they are leaning towards. In any case, working with the surgical team taught me a lot about patient treatment, teamwork, drugs, and the medical field in Europe. I even got to see surgeries being performed! I found this experience to be eye-opening, as now I know that the medical field really does interest me.

At the end of March and beginning of April, our school had a two-week Easter break, and that was when my parents decided to come visit me. It was amazing to see my parents and sister again! We went on a tour through Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, starting in my city and ending in Berlin.

In our tour, there was a lot walking (which, FYI, is very common for European cities), eating, and picture-taking. We went to several historic cities with old monuments and buildings, some even affected by the World Wars. The historic streets are really what make Europe so amazing and beautiful. Moreover, my family and I went snowboarding on the tallest mountain in Germany, Zugspitze, which this time, I was way better at (for more information read previous entry).

Overall, I was excited to show my parents my new life and culture, but it was a bit weird to notice how much I do without them. And as corny as it may sound, it made me feel grown-up.

Also, next week-Sunday, I will be moving to my next (and last) host family's house.

March and April have flown by and so is my exchange year.

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