Mason, Outbound to Germany

It’s so crazy that it’s almost 5 months in Germany! The holiday season is over so I decided to talk about what different here. 

At the beginning of December my district had a Christmas weekend in Ulm. We took a language test, met the future Outbounds from this district, claimed the highest church in the world, and went to an amazing Christmas market! 

One of the most amazing thinks about Christmas in Germany is the Christmas markets. The Christmas market is a big market with really good food, Glühwein (or kinder punch ;) ), good Christmas music, lots of booths selling Christmas souvenirs. In one month I’ve gone to seven Christmas markets in three different countries. 

In Germany Christmas is pretty different than in the USA. On Christmas Eve I spent time with my family. That evening we went to church and came back and ate fondue. When we were done eating, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. When we came back in we waited for a bell, and then we saw that Christkind and had put the presents under the tree. We open the presents and then went to bed. And Christmas day there isn’t much celebration. We ate some good food then went hiking.

I New Year’s Eve, I made my family and American breakfast and then finish packing because I was switching families that night. I got to my new family’s house in a couple hours before we went to a party at a friends house. When we got to the party we ate RacletteWhich is A very common meal for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. We have bought a fireworks and it took hours to shoot them off. 

I really enjoy it with my new family. I already knew them because my host brothers of my class. I’ve started doing karate with my family because my host father is a karate teacher. We also go skiing every weekend, and it’s a lot harder than it looks. The first time I went on the mountain, I wasn’t able to break, so I fell the entire way down. Although now I’ve started to get them hang of it and my family might sign me up to compete in a few months if I get good enough. 

School has started again and now that I can understand what’s happening, it’s getting a lot easier. Since I’m in the 10th class, I’ve learned most of the stuff before it’s just a matter of translating. I have to take all of our class tests and it’s very hard but it’s always funny seeing my score when we get them back. 

Not much as happened since then. Soon I have my second language camp with all the newbies in my district. In March my district will go to Paris for a weekend. In April I have my Deutschland tour. For Deutschland tour we have 21 days to visit 23 different cities in Germany, Im really excited. I’ll write my next journal after I have done some more with my district. 


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