Mya, Outbound to Thailand

I can’t believe it’s been one month since I’ve started my exchange in Thailand. Everything I’ve experienced and seen has been amazing. The people I’ve met and became friends with have all been very nice to me and help with anything. Especially my host family. My host mom is really great to me. She allows me to have my own freedom and treats me like her own daughter. My first week here, I spent time adjusting to the 11-hour time difference and getting know my host family as well as other exchange students.

My second week, I had my district orientation during the weekend and it was great to meet all the other exchange students. I’ve become good friends with a few of them and also closer to my district Rotarians. We have a district group chat in order to keep in touch and updated with other students and Rotarians. I only met my host club once so far since they have their meetings during school time but they also are very helpful and even welcomed me to their club with a bouquet of roses.

I started school a few days before the orientation but I would say that I really started during my third week of exchange. On my first day at school, I had to introduce myself in front of the whole school. I was extremely nervous but managed to introduce myself in English and in Thai, but I wish they informed me beforehand that I was going to speak in front of the whole school. The Thai students are so sweet and so helpful, I don’t know how I would’ve survived my first few days if they weren’t so kind. Everyone is always a little shocked when they talk to me and learn that I’m not Thai and actually a foreign exchange student since I look like a normal Thai student.

School here is a little different. It may be because I go to a dramatic arts school and their main focus is on the student’s performance skills rather than academics. My school is from middle school to college but the number of overall students is small. My schedule is also different from the other high school students as they typically have their performing classes in the morning and academic classes in the afternoon. But since I already graduated, they’ve given me only performing classes for right now. I currently have Thai dance in the morning and Thai instrument in the afternoon but I definitely want to learn Thai theater and international music later.

Outside of school, I’ve had the opportunity to explore and experience the Thai culture by visiting many temples (including the Wat Phra That Doi Suthrep, located on the mountains), visit night markets, shop at their huge malls, eat new foods, and so much more. My Thai friends are actually taking me to experience my first Thai movie theater tomorrow so I’m very excited. Thank you to RYE and the Rotarians in my district and sponsor club for giving me this amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to share more of my wonderful exchange.

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