Nic, outbound to Japan

My first awesome month in Japan!

This Journal is not going to be like the others, this journal is going to be how my mind thinks about the stimulus I experience on a daily basis.

I’ve been in Japan for 5 weeks now, I honestly enjoy it here. For the first time I feel alive, and it’s not for the reasons you probably are thinking. I feel alive because I stopped looking for differences, I stopped giving into fear, and most importantly I realized I control nothing but the way I react to a situation. These things sound simple and obvious to most, but I think we tend to overlook the simple things. I think we get too caught up in our own head to see the simple answer. I believe that the simple things in life are the most elusive.

Now the following is not a rant nor a long complaint, just simply an observation. I see in hindsight how ungrateful I was, I would always focus on the bad or what I didn't have. This prevented me from experiencing joy and a peaceful state of mind. By focusing on the bad you turn the lights off in your head, but when you focus on the good (no matter how small it may be) your head is illuminated with positivity and gratefulness. This is something I believe many adults and kids today lack. And it is evident in my past actions and the actions of others around me. I honestly wake up every morning and just smile that I was lucky enough to see the sun rise another day, because many people that day didn’t. I’m grateful in a way words cannot explain. I’m grateful to my family, Rotary, my friends, and to everyone who has been in my life. So thank you!

I think I’ve taken another big step in my life, the realization that everyone has a painful background or history. I think I used to be resentful and aggressive because I believed everyone had the “perfect” life or family etc. But now I don’t. I finally opened up to a group of people (my D6980 family) and they opened up to me.

I realized that everyone experiences pain, so the only thing we can do to help soothe the pain is kindness. I believe that kindness and understanding ends war, famine, and hatred. I’ve made it my mission everyday to make as many people smile. Even if its only one person or even if its an animal, I just want others to be happy. And when I see another person smile, it fills my heart with a warmth I’ve never experienced before. It literally makes me grin ear to ear all day, just because I could make someone happy.

I know you probably wanted to hear about the things I’ve done but that can wait. What happened is the past, and what is happening right now is the present. So I’m going to go live my life with no regrets and smile.


Nicolas Gaines Ludwig :)

PS Sorry My English isn't as great as it was, Japanese grammar is the polar opposite, so if it doesn't flow right thats why haha.