Nic, outbound to Japan

I feel I’ve grown, or rather aged, as a person since I left the airport. I know longer am troubled (as much) by the minuscule details that used to get me worked up, nor am I finding myself getting unhinged when sudden or abrupt changes occur. I feel as if I have been “mellowed out” by exchange.

I no longer seek pleasure in the things I can hold, I seek things I can feel. It no longer matters to me how much money I make, or how successful I am in life, due to the following revelation. These things are just concepts we have given power to. They do not exist anywhere but in our heads. Look at an animal or look at tree, do they worry how successful they are or how much money they make? No. No they don’t.

So I asked a rather simple question, but got an enigmatic response. The response simply multiplied into questions, or rather the response was the following questions. How can you tell me what is successful and what isn’t? What gives you the authority to decree successfulness? Are you anything more than another human being? How can you tell me what I need in order to be successful when your version of successful is different from mine? After heavy thought and consideration I came up with a personal answer. Everyone is different, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. So my personal answer isn't wrong or right it is simply different.*

I have recently been trying to listen more and talk less. It sounds simple but is proving an impressive challenge for me. Probably because I always thought I was right and somehow “special.” Always a good chuckle to think back on memories and laugh at how foolish and immature I was behaving.

All in all I am immensely enjoying Japan, and the person I am working on becoming.
I’ll write whenever my brain permits me to form a coherent thought. Till then :)

* I seem to remember a certain person (*coughs* Scott Krogmann) drilling this philosophy into my head.