Nikki,Outbound to Italy

Ciao tutti,

I've been busy lately, I just moved to my 3rd host family a couple days and it was hard because I really liked my 2nd host family. I felt really connected with them. I went to London with my 2nd host family which was so much fun. My 2nd host mom took about a thousand photos of me and my host sister. I was excited for Starbucks because in Italy there is only one I think in the Milan airport. It's crazy how I have about 2 months left. It stills feels like yesterday when I was talking to a past exchange I met on the airport before landing in Pisa. This weekend I'm having friends come over for brunch because I'm making pancakes... I found out Italians love pancakes. I have to say since I'm on the topic of food, Italian food is really good. My favorite is Gnocchi with Pesto and it's easy to make but Pesto is amazing. Also this weekend I am hoping for good weather because then my friends can take me to Cinque Terre for the first time. I'm excited about that. School is good. The students in my class treat like one of them, so that's good. It was really cool because my class went on a field trip to a jail and we went to Rome. In Rome Giorgio Napolitano said hi to my class which I thought was really cool. In May my class is going to Napoli. I'm excited about that because I've only been to Tropea in the south and I was told Napoli is so different from the rest of Italy, especially the language. It's nice now because it's starting to get warm which means I go can go to the beach. My 3rd host family is just me and the mom because one daughter is in Mexico and the another studies in Milan for university. It's nice because my host sister now (the one who studies in Milan) her best friend is my other host sister from my 2nd family. It's nice because at least once a week my 2nd host mom will call me to see how I'm doing. Every Sunday my new host goes to Nonna's for dinner which I enjoy. Easter was good but the day after Easter is like the Easter for friends where they cook and hang out but I was sick and got my sister sick. Over the weekend the weather was nice so me and my friends went to Lerici which is right by the sea. It's so pretty right there because of all the boats. It's like a perfect picture. Plus in each town they have a little castle or fort which is always nice to see and normally they have a nice view with them too. Also the castle always have some history to go along with them and the towns which is interesting. Lerici is really beautiful. I rather like going to there with all the boats is very beautiful.

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