Ocyrus, Outbound to Hungary

This month started off very strong then settled into days of just calmness and organization. We had our first trip out of country to Vienna which was absolutely amazing. Although the time we spent there was brief it was dense with interesting and amazing views. We spent just a day and a night and were given both a guided tour and free time. As interesting as an opera sounds it was incredibly long and I could not understand a word considering it was entirely in German.

When we returned home I continued going about my daily life as usual. Hung out with friends during the afternoon and attended school during the day. During a short walk I took with a friend to purchase a new set of earphones, everything was great until we got caught in a rainstorm about 45 minutes away from home. Needless to say it was miserable and I got sick, having a fever of 40 degrees Celsius the next day. This day just so happened to be during another Rotary event in a city just north of Budapest. I would have attended the volunteer tree planting day. I heard all about it from my fellow exchange students and how they got to cook and just be together once again. I’m even more disappointed that I missed karaoke. I would have loved to pick up the microphone for a few songs but sadly I could hardly even stand let alone sing during that day.

Fortunately I got better and continued with everything else as I would have. My host sister had her 16th birthday and we had plenty of relatives over and I quite annoyed conversing with them. I had my first vegan birthday cake and I absolutely loved it. Regarding some extra information, I have completely planned out the first chapter of a novel I am beginning to write while abroad. Language is still moving slowly but improving all the same. Tutoring children at a grade school with English is also a good day to look forward to every week. Meeting everyone in the class is interesting to say the least, but I’m happy to be of some help to the students.

A week or so later I met with my youth counselor and we went out to a basketball game. It was my city against another; I soon realized that Szolnok had the best team in HU. I felt as if I made connections that night that may help me in the long run.

Finally a few days ago I was taken out into the woods to go on a traditional Hungarian rabbit driving. In other words about seventy people all grouped up in a line to herd the rabbits into the end of the field where a long line of netting was set up to catch the rabbits. This was a very interesting day, considering that everyone was whooping, screaming, clapping hands or using noise makers to force the rabbits out from their hiding spots. Keep in mind that this day was incredibly foggy and at its thickest you could hardly see more than 30-40 feet in front of you. This was an all-day endeavor; I started at around 7 in the morning and did not return until 7 in the afternoon. By the end we captured around 50-60 rabbits.

This has been one of my favorite months mainly from just a lot of small activities and being able to complete things off my to-do list is always a great feeling too.

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