Ocyrus, Outbound to Hungary

These past few weeks have been a great time. Traveling cities, meeting up with fellow exchange students, holiday events and switching families.

I was able to organize two three day trips in these past few weeks. One to Györ, a beautiful city to the West of Szolnok. It is closer to Austria than Budapest. I was lucky enough to arrive during the outbound interviews, so I spent a few hours conversing with the future students. Also due to Christmas, the city was decorated with a spectacular display of lights and decorations. When night fell, the city truly lit up. Aside from those major events I spent many hours exploring the city with friends. On our return day we realized that the next three trains were completely booked and forced us to spend another night in the city, I was only intending on spending two days in Györ. Although I have no regrets, as I was able to spend more time with friends in that city. My Second trip was to Debrecen, about an hour East of Szolnok. This went much smoother than the Györ trip, simply because it was much closer to my city. Like Györ, Debrecen was heavily decorated in lights. An amazing city, with plenty to do. I went to a birthday party with the Rotary and AFS students in the city on the first night and the second night my friends and I went to a disco ice skating rink. Exhausted from the previous days we spent the entire third day inside and simply watched movies. All in all these trips were a blast.

Everyone told me that the holiday season would be a truly difficult time in my exchange, how I would miss my family and feel away from home. I could not have felt more different than that. I did not miss my family that much simply because I was caught up doing things with my Hungarian one, and I never felt away from home because I feel like Hungary is home to me. Christmas is basically the same with just a few small differences. On December sixth santa comes and fills up the childrens boots with candies and nuts. This was quite an interesting site to wake up to, because I had not expected it to happen to me. Presents are given on the same day as usual except in Hungary, Jesus gives the gifts not Santa. An interesting change but acceptable. My family did not do much for Christmas, but I still enjoyed it. Spent time with relatives, baked cookies and sang songs. Still saying so it was different from normal so I truly liked it.

Writing this, I am currently on my first full day with my second family, and they are amazing. I have three brothers, a younger, older and one the same age. While I have not been able to talk with all yet I know I will in time. My parents are sweet and caring, plus the father is an amazing cook so that is a plus. My youngest brother loves animals and they have plenty. Four turtles, two dogs, a hamster and more fish than I can count. This house and family are great and I really like it here so far. Hopefully the new year brings good things along too.

Thank You.

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