Ocyrus, Outbound to Hungary

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The first week after my blog was fairly simplistic, I managed to put a few needed things into order then I made some new friends while going out and exploring the city. A goulash festival was also held in my town this week and my Rotary had their own tent set up there. On the third week my local Rotary held a kanoeing trip down the Tíza, except they did not bother to tell any of the kids that it was going to be a 15km trip that would take multiple hours. Though as unprepared as we were, it was still great fun to be cooped up together. A few days later I took Frida and Oriana (the other inbounds in my city) to a circus that was performing in my town. Aside from other small various activities the only other major activity was the language camp in Zánka, which was amazing. A ton of fun to socialize and meet new people. Most of the teachers were pretty cool too. School is fun as well, plenty of friends and people to talk to. Two Hungarian lessons a week also help to excel my knowledge.

As for future plans I have a few things in mind. I am trying to figure out how to get into Judo and marksmanship in order to consume some of my spare time and allow me to make new friend groups. Along with those, some minor things are to begin training the puppy myself for the family, so that it’s not crazy once it matures and I have begun planning out a novel that I am planning to start writing. Working out with friends is also a new pass time of mine, although it is not as frequent as I’d like. Finally along with everything else previously mentioned I am still studying and improving my Hungarian.