Ocyrus, Outbound to Hungary

During this past month I have had the best week of my exchange, my family ski trip to Austria. Every single day it was below freezing and the snowfall reached at least a meter every day. During three of the days, we had a series of blizzards, although I continued to ski in the storms. Learning was tedious and difficult however I eventually figured it out. What made this week so special though was just all the time I got to spend being with my family and growing closer to them. When we were not skiing, we were together laughing and playing cards or some sort of activity. Every view in the mountains was amazing, especially at the peak above the clouds. I managed to get through the week practically unharmed as well.

I have also traveled to the capital of Hungary, Budapest for multiple occasions. First of which was to wish my farewells to an Argentnian girl who was a crossbound. Majority of the students went to her home and threw her a final surprise party. Two other times was for me to be taken around the city to see some interesting sites and attractions by the local exchange students. One particular day stands out. First we spent hours in a pinball museum, filled with tons of playable pinball and assorted arcade games. This was a great time and was absolutely money well spent. After this we went to an interesting cafe, The Cat Cafe. It was named this because as you are sitting in the surprisingly comfortable seats and enjoying your ordered food or drink, there will be about twenty or so cats roaming around the shop. They could be seen sleeping or playing, but mostly they would come up to you and lie down next to you to be pet. Considering my love for most cats I thourougly enjoyed this place. Granted it was a bit pricy and I am on a limited income. Another day trip was for the birthday of an exchange student. A good portion of exchange students gathered for this. We ate, talked, played music, and a lot of table soccer. While only a day, it was definitely a good one.

I really enjoy my current family and I am glad to be a part of them. Although at times everyone can be independent and be going about their own activities I enjoy the time we spend togeth, especially nce my mother returns after her long day from work and I sit down with the little time I get each day.

While writing this I am two weeks away from our second and last language camp, which is luckily being held in my city so I won't have to travel far. Last one was an absolute blast and I think this one will be even better. Another event I have to look forward to is our traditional pig slaughtering and cook out. Something I am very interested in experiencing. Finally there will be a trip to Poland in march to see some key sites during the second world war.

Thank you for reading.

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