Rotary Youth Exchange Florida welcomes our new outbound students to their first orientation on January 6-8, 2017. Coming from all parts of the state, these students will learn about the RYE program, work with Rotarians and Rotex in a variety of activities, and make friends with others who will be sharing their experiences next year. We congratulate them all, and look forward to helping them prepare for the amazing experience to come.

  • Outbound Student Handbook ---- check back for 2017-2018 updated version 
  • Payment Information for Students and Parents
  • Assignment After the first Orientation
  • Research Project Assignment
  • By March 15, you should have completed your research for half of the topics listed (not necessarily in the order listed on the Outline). Submit it electronically by that date, to your assigned Country Coordinator and to your sponsor district Youth Exchange Chair and/or counselor. The remainder of your research will be due by June 15. Many of you might not receive information about your host city/town or school until late spring. If necessary, you can submit an addendum to your paper three weeks after you find out exactly where you are going.

  • 2016 Language Handout

Outbound class of 2017-2018