Paula, Outbound to Taiwan

大家好,我覺得我的中文是比較好。現在我著台灣八個月。I have had great experiences in Taiwan and I am grateful to have met all the people I have met. I recently was involved in a lion dance performance and it was awesome. The teacher chose the people he thought it would be better to play drums and he chose me. I practice to be a drummer every weekend. In the beginning it was difficult because the pace was very fast and because I am left handed so I had to mirror the movements that the teacher made. Eventually I became the best of the group and the teacher made me teach the ones that still didn't know. I felt very proud but that meant I was gonna be the leader of the group and I had to be in the front. I also had to keep the pace for the others and for some reason every time that I made a mistake they would get lost as well but when they made a mistake I could keep the other ones on the correct time. So it was a lot of pressure for sure but I was determined to make my best effort. The day of the performance came and I was consumed with anxiety. A room full of Rotarians was waiting for our performance and surprisingly we were pretty good. It was an experience full of excitement and I am thankful that I did it because it was an unforgettable afternoon.

After this event I had a trip to Yilan. We went to do cycling around the coast, hiking in Rueifang, fishing like (fisherman) , and we saw the Guishan Island on a boat. I was totally dead after doing more exercise in those days than what I have done my hole life. The only bad part was than in one of the hotels that was like cabins one cockroach the size of my fist got in, we killed it eventually.

Mother's day was coming and I proposed to make a cook off between Willie, Lucie and me (they are the exchange students I change houses with). I was doing appetizer, Willie was doing main course and Lucie was doing dessert. I did empanadas and it was funny how they used chopsticks to eat them with ketchup. Willie did a fancy chicken with pasta which was okay, not as good as my empanadas of course ( actually it was pretty good). Lucie made a cheesecake which gave me a diabetic coma because it was so sweet but I was also good. This experience has given me different views in life , a different perspective of the Asian culture and an understanding of the value of money. I am sad that some of my friends are just weeks apart from departing to their own countries and the reality has made me appreciate how lucky I am to have my parents support me on this decision. Overall I am excited to go home and continue my life in America with the wisdom the I have developed and achieved during my exchange in Taiwan.

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