Rose, outbound to Netherlands

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I have 50 days left here in the Netherlands. I'm trying to rap my head around how this could all go so quickly. I can't imagine how the people who are going home sooner than me are feeling. 

Two weeks ago was Mother's Day. Although I've missed my mother every day of this year, Mother's Day just reminded me of how much I wanted to see her. I called her and we had a really comforting talk. I love my mother so much and I can't wait to see her in 50 days at the airport waiting for me. 

I only had three days of school last week. Thats because we get two days off for Ascension Day. So basically I had a four day weekend. I had the absolute best time this weekend, too. Wednesday night I went to a carnival in the same city that my school is in. I had so much fun with my Dutch friends, just acting like little kids. Thursday I sun tanned and swam at a friends house the whole day. The weather has been very much like Florida weather. Friday my American friend came over and we went to a "snack bar". That's basically just a place where you can buy snacks and ice cream and such. 

Saturday was a whole other story. The other two days were very chill and relaxed. Saturday was such a rollercoaster of emotions. It was also 90 degrees outside. That day I had the going away party for all of us exchange students. Even though we are all seeing each other this weekend for EuroTour, we all just realized how much we all mean to each other. There were a lot of tears shead, yet we still had a fun time. I was put into a dance last minute for the show we were putting on. The girls from South America asked me to join them on stage as an "honorary Latina". We danced to a song that our leaders in exchange made with all of our names in it. The event was also a world dinner and we had to make a dish from our area. I made Key Lime Pie and, while it was very tasty, it melted completely and turned into Key Lime Soup. I also met the girl thats coming to St. Augustine on exchange from the Netherlands. It was so nice to see how excited she was to meet me and to go on exchange . 

That night I slept at my friend's aunt's house. The next day we were to go to Amsterdam for the color run and the aunt lived closer to Amsterdam than me. I am so glad that I did the color run. Okay, well, I actually didn't run too much. I kind of walked and danced my way through. But it was still so worth it. By the end I looked like a character from the Simpsons. The after party at the race was also amazing and I had such a great time with the other people that went. 

EuroTour starts next week. I can't believe it. I looked forward to this trip the whole year and now here it is. Most exchange students from Florida have already been on their EuroTour. They've all said that it was the best trip of their lives and they wished they could go back. I can't wait to have the best trip of my life with my best friends in the whole world.