Rachel, outbound to Spain

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Hello all! I want to start out by saying everything is still going really well. I have now been here for almost 6 weeks.. It's crazy how time flies. Since last time, I went to a Barça handball game, mastered public transportation, went to La Mercè and celebrated La Festa Major de Caldes De Montbui (my town). Barça played Germany in handball and it was such an intense game, we won, 26-25. I am in love with handball now, I wish it was a popular sport in the US. I have been to the city by myself a few times now. Google maps and Spotify premium are my best friends here.. I feel like I am really getting a feel for public transportation, it's weird for me because in the US we go everywhere by car. I went to a very famous festival called La Mercé. They had free concerts, food vendors, live shows, etc. I saw a concert and a dance performance. In Cataluña, we have “Festa Major’s” for most of the bi gger towns. It's a 4-5 day long event put on by the town hall. It's filled with different dance performances, correfocs, castells and many more traditional catalan events. Correfocs are a group of people who dress like devils and light fireworks, sounds quite scary but it is actually very beautiful. Castells are a group of people who make human towers. The last event of FM Caldes was a fire run. People laid down a string that shot off fireworks of sorts, the string was fairly long and ended at the top of the only church in our town. Kids ran next to the string while the fire ¨chased¨them. It is fairly difficult to describe but it was a sight to see.. After that there was an amazing firework show. This weekend I'm going hiking on a mountain with my family and the weekend that follows, Mara who's on exchange in France (from Florida) is coming to Barcelona and we're meeting up!